A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms. Chapter I. The Author sets out as a Captain of a Ship. His Men conspire against him, confine him a long time to his. nGulliver’s Travels () is a satire of contemporary England dressed up as a faux traveller’s tale by Jonathan Swift, narrating in the first. Gulliver is the captain of his ship. Unfortunately, his shipmates want to become pirates so they threaten to kill Gulliver and lock him in his cabin.

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A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms by Jonathan Swift

Retrieved from ” https: Since then, the hoyhnhnms tale has never been out of print. To ask other readers questions about A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnmsplease sign up.

In the end Gulliver is compared to his disadvantage with the creatures he despises by his master: I soled my shoes with wood, which I cut from a tree, and fitted to the upper—leather; and when this was worn out, I supplied it with the skins of Yahoos dried in the sun. The author’s great love of his native country. The beloved mare who carried him faithfully was a paragon of reason, understanding and sympathy, unlike his fellow human beings.

The education and exercise of their youth.

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At first, indeed, I did not feel that natural awe, which the Yahoos and all other animals bear toward them; but it grew upon me by decrees, much sooner than I imagined, and was mingled with a respectful love and gratitude, that they would condescend to distinguish me from the rest of t species. In the end, they leave him stranded on an undiscovered island.

Luckily, before any more harm and other business can be done, a horse comes along and scares the animals away, simply by its presence. I had no occasion of bribing, flattering, or pimping, to procure the favour of any great man, or of his minion; I wanted no fence against fraud or oppression: I answered in a faint voice, “that death vyage have been too great a happiness; that although I could not blame the assembly’s exhortation, or the urgency of his friends; yet, in my weak and corrupt judgment, I thought it might consist with reason to have been less rigorous; that I could not swim a league, and probably the nearest land to theirs might be distant above a hundred: Refresh and try again.


The General Assembly of the Houyhnhnms meet and they discuss exterminating all the Yahoos from their country. The narrator, Gulliver, voyaye himself used to complete the allegory by becoming a reference point with which the reader can identify and compare the two members of the opposition: Additional Information Year Published: He gives his master a short account of his voyage.

In the midst of all this happiness, and when I looked upon myself to be fully settled for life, my master sent for me one morning a little earlier than his usual hour.

I had beaten hemp, which there grows wild, and made of it a sort of ticking; this I filled with the feathers of several birds I had taken with springes made of Yahoos’ hairs, and were excellent food. The Author’s Oeconomy and happy Life among the Houyhnhnms. I added, “that we fastened plates of a certain hard substance, called iron, at the bottom of their feet, to preserve their hoofs from being broken by the stony ways, on which we often travelled.

The Works of the Rev. To clear up which, I endeavoured to give some ideas of the desire of power and riches; countrg the terrible effects of lust, intemperance, malice, and envy.

A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms countr how Captain Gulliver’s crew mutinied and set him ashore on an unknown island. The defectiveness of their language. The author arrives at England. Luisa rated it liked it Jun 11, Anonymous 22 January at He Travels up in the Country.


Nearer to our own days we have Orwell’s radical remarks on Swift’s view of mankind: Several houyhnhnms of quality come out of curiosity to see the author. After a short silence, he told me, “he did not know how I would take what he was going to say: Their manner of burials. Gulliver’s Travels, Swift’s masterpiece, has often been praised for its unquestionable worth as a work of literature, largely because of Swift’s masterly use of satire, but has been criticized to the same degree for the negative opinions on mankind that it contains, especially in regard to part IV, A voyage to the Country of the Houynhnms.

From these preliminary descriptions Gulliver seems to take an immediate aversion to the Yahoos and just as quick liking to the Houynhnms. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Though he is biologically akin to the Yahoos, Gulliver prefers the company of his benevolent equine hosts. When he learns to converse with the horses, Gulliver attempts to explain human society.

A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms

votage No man could more verify the truth of these two maxims, “That nature is very easily satisfied;” and, “That necessity is the mother of invention. Orwell, mistakenly in my opinionattributes this unattractiveness to Swift’s inability to make the Houynhnms more appealing; I believe that his intention was exactly the opposite, he countdy them to be unappealing in order to demonstrate how alien a creature man would be if he were completely rational as this would imply an absence of all feelings natural to man, both positive and negative.

His great Improvement in Virtue, by conversing with them.