The Ascendant Court is the religious center of Absalom, holding the preponderance of the city’s temples as well as the Starstone Cathedral. Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Absalom. How to Use tHis City GUide. Each chapter in this book covers a specific topic. Overlap exists, of course, because within. Founded 4, years ago and designed by the god Aroden himself, Absalom is a hub of mercantile and spiritual activity. Traders come from all over the globe to.

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Modest taxes on foreign merchants, fees for pilots through the Flotsam Graveyardand docking fees, are generally sufficient to supply the city’s needs. It is not without reason that the passage of time throughout the Inner Sea region is counted in Absalom Reckoning.

Absalom – PathfinderWiki

Elves are relatively uncommon in Absalom, mostly consisting of adventurers or outcasts; more common are their half-elven descendants, many of whom can be found around the Pleasure Salon of Calistria. Additionally, austere monuments of historical and spiritual significance draw thousands of people to Azlanti Keepthe Ascendant Court and Wise Quarter on a daily basis.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Taxes in the city are very light, although Siege Taxes during wartime may be significantly higher. Despite the relentless onslaught, the city has never fallen.

Most of the city’s administrative positions are filled by members of the Council, the more sought after titles going to members of the High Council. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The Council has twelve high seats including the primarch’s and a variable number of low seats. The city itself is enormous: The main halfling districts are The CoinsEastgate and the Foreign Quarter ; few halflings live or travel to the Puddles where the height of the water can be dangerous for them.


This great city even extends beyond the Material Plane ; although a pale reflection of its namesake, Shadow Absalom is the greatest city on the Plane of Shadowinhabited by fetchlings, other humanoids, and undead. Many of Absalom’s residents organize themselves into houseswhich are similar to clans organized by national origin.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Because of its important position as an alternative shipping route into the city, control of Diobel is very valuable and rising factions wishing to gain power in Absalom can often be seen first across the Isle in Diobel.

Ascendant Court

Originally founded as a shipyard and warehouse to aid Absalom against naval blockades, the town quickly grew as workers and naval officers moved to Erran. More than just a city, Absalom controls holdings in and around the Isle of Kortos though much of the isle remains wilderness.

The specific demographics of each individual district vary greatly, but there are few if any peoples who are not represented somewhere within the city, even the mysterious gillmen of ancient Azlant and travellers from other planes.

Absalom is a island city in the Inner Sea of Golarionwest of Taldor. The city itself is enormous: The city not only holds a key strategic position for both commercial and military endeavors in the region, but encompasses the site of the ascension of four deities and claims to have been founded by none other than the Last Azlantithe god Aroden. Pathfknder many centuries of immigration have provided it with a dizzying array of guilds, houses, religious and martial orders, and other organizations, each with their own symbols.

It has additional pqthfinder unique to the position granting the holder considerable power over the Council, and by corollary, the City at the Center of the World itself.


Other books in this series. Much of the day-to-day administration pathfindsr handled by the district councils of Absalom.

For more than 4, years, Absalom pronounced AB-sah-lahm [1] has been the City at the Center of the World, a metropolis-sized showcase of the aabsalom treasures in all Golarion.

Contents [ show ]. Absalom is ruled by the Grand Council which is chaired by the primarcha position currently held by Lord Gyr of House Gixx.

Every major city on Golarion has its dark mirror opposite on the Plane of Shadowand none are greater than Shadow Absalom. The Inner Sea World Guidepg s. For centuries on end the city was besieged by one army after another, attempting to bring Absalom to its knees and wrest control of it from all others.

Image – Absalom | Pathfinder Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Some of these items include cathedral pit stones and whisper safes. Additionally, austere monuments of historical and spiritual significance draw thousands of people to Azlanti Keepthe Ascendant Court and Wise Quarter on a daily basis. A city the size of Absalom could not function as a single cohesive unit, thus it has been divided or split naturally over time into a handful of distinct districts, each a city unto itself both in terms of sheer population and overall atmosphere, and each having its own district council to run its day-to-day affairs.

Most of the city’s administrative positions are filled by members of the Councilthe more sought after titles going to absaloj of the High Council.

Due to Absalom’s size and scale, beasts of burden are important elements of the city’s commerce and transport.