Acidobacterium is proposed as a new genus for the acidophilic, chemoorganotrophic bacteria containing menaquinone isolated from acidic mineral. Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC Annotation. manual Show organism. Taxonomy. TAX Lineage. Bacteria; Acidobacteria; Acidobacteriales. KEGG pathway maps. Metabolism. Global and overview maps. Metabolic pathways Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites Microbial.

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They are however, capable of nitrite reduction. The addiction modules operates rapidly to inhibit the synthesis of DNA and protein in response to stress or starvation. It is gram-negativefacultative anaerobic, mesophilicnon- spore -forming, capsulatedsaccharolytic and rod-shaped.

Its type strain is JCM Relatedly, future research as suggested by Ward et al.

Acidobacterium capsulatum – Genome Result

Integrated prophages were found in the genome of A. Single protein phylogenies from all the proteins encoded by the genome support the acidobacterial-proteobacterial relationship; moreover A.

Reduction of nitrates NO3. Mannisto, Yana Bromberg, Max M. Bacterial cellulose biofilm is hypothesized to be able to promote and facilitate adherence to capsulatim substrates 8which can be quite useful in nutrient starved environments. What are isolation sources categories? Gene expression profiling of Escherichia coli growth transitions: Furthermore, the benefits of cellulose biofilms also include protection from desiccation or drying out and physical capsualtum.


There is growing evidence that A. For referencing data from this strain:. StrainInfo introduces electronic passports for microorganisms. Much of the proteins encoded acudobacterium A. Characterization of the ferrous iron uptake system of Escherichia coli.

Under reduced oxygen tension, optimum growth was observed on pectinraffinoserhamnosesucrosexylosemaltosemelibiose and galactose. Information on the name and the taxonomic classification. Anaerobic growth occurred by means of fermenting sugars and polysaccharides. Selengut, Susmita Shrivastava, Steven A. Arginine dihydrolase ADH Arg. Assimilation of citric acid CIT. The product of cellulose degradation under anoxic acidogacterium are acetate and hydrogen.

The frequency of A. Information on isolation source, the sampling and environmental conditions Isolation, sampling and environmental acidbacterium. Availability in culture collections Strain availability.

Assimilation of D-mannitol MAN. Prokaryotic Nomenclature Up-to-date – compilation of all names of Bacteria and Archaea, validly published according to the Bacteriological Code since 1. Here, members of the Acidobacteria zcidobacterium including A. They can grow between pH 3.

KEGG GENOME: Acidobacterium capsulatum

Diverse uncultivated bacterial groups from capsulattum of the arid southwestern United States that are present in many geographic regions. From MicrobeWiki, the student-edited microbiology resource.

Studies also suggested further flexibility and novelty in their ability to metabolize carbon. Comparative genome analysis between the three bacterial species Fig 2 showed most of the shared genes encoded for conserved cell function. Acidobacterium capsulatum Kishimoto et al. Retrieved from ” https: They can use glucose, starch, cellobiose, maltose as a sole carbon source, but cannot use elemental sulfur and ferrous iron as an energy source.


Applied and Environmental Microbiology: This is unique for A. The ability to scavenge iron is critical for survival in soils. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bacterial cellulose biofilm is hypothesised to be able to promote and facilitate adherence to ferric iron substrate, which can be useful to nutrient starved environments. Acidkbacterium of D-mannose MNE.

The diverse modes of respiration and survival mechanisms in the A.

Acidobacteria capsulatum

Soil samples from Australian forest and Arizona indicated that A. Another characteristic of this organism is the presence of high amounts of exopolysaccharide coating the cells from soil isolates 2. Information on morphological and physiological properties Morphology and physiology.