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Tentative Data, Final Data. Operation is allowed under all base-emitter conditionsprovided no limiting values are exceeded. Drain is 6V positive w. Infinite heatsink case and leads Temperature Tstg T max. If the current is allowed to increase up to a critical value at C the device will enter second breakdown.

The base of the transistor is connected to the metal envelope. Temperature Fig 3 Datasheet temperature may be ambient, case or mounting base temperatures. Transistors may be dip-soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum soldering time of 5 seconds.

Operation is allowed during switch-off, provided the transistor is cut-off with -Vt.

Type Polarity Outiline Maximum Ratings ‘tot h min. Under these circumstances the leads should be re-tinned using an activated flux. This is confined to devices where a flange or stud for fixing onto a heatsink forms an integral part of the envelope. In curve with the appropriate pulse width and duty cycle, e. The tentative data may not include all the characteristics or ratings which will be incorporated later in the final data and some of the numerical values quoted may be slightly adjusted later on.

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Audio application The example describes how the output transistors of an datahseet amplifier are checked for excursions outside the specified SOAR when the amplifier is being tested under a sinewave overdrive condition. The second subscript denotes the reference terminal or circuit mode that the current or terminal voltage is measured. The known thermal restraints are the standard ambient tempera- ture of 60 C allowed for in television enclosures, and the thermal impedances associated with the BD Ad1662 readings were recorded every 20[xs through the complete cycle of xs.


TO -A- f B. Burrs or thickening at the edges of the holes must be removed and the transistor bolted down on a plane surface. All dimensions in mm Collector connected to envelope Accessories available: The type nomenclature of a discrete device or, in certain cases, of a range of devices, consists of two letters followed by a serial number.

Older devices on which data may still be obtained on request are also included in the index of the appropriate part of each book. In this case the point P on Fig. TO-1 AC 9A m. Care should be taken not to bend the leads nearer than 2. Drain is 6V negative w. The relevant dimensions of these boards are given in Table 1. The case temperature during soldering must not at anytime exceed the maximum storage temperature. A diagram illustrating the output characteristics of a power transistor is shown in Fig.

In the case of an inductive load and when an energy rating is given, it may be permissible to operate outside the rated area provided the specified energy rating is not exceeded. Definitions of the main current ratings, l cl El Bunder various con- ditions.

AD162 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

The speach and music value is the output which will be obtained when peaks occur in low level passages. Short time excursions are allowed outside the permissible area provided that: Hence the thermal resistance is calculated using average power. Book 1 ad16 Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits Book 2 orange Valves and tubes Book 3 green Passive components, materials, and assemblies. The maximum total dissipation, P. The serial number consists of three figures.


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In this example the SOAR acceptability is considered in the event of the transis- tors being overdriven by a sinewave signal of period jj. Continue this light pressure until both the ‘B’ locks of the rear two leads are inside the holes.

Thermal resistance from junction to th j-a 25 Datsheet 15 V 18 V 10 V 1. Conversely, for matched pairs with a higher gain, the resultant negative feedback is increased and a higher h pE ratio will maintain the necessary protection against distortion.

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To assist in determining the rating in this second area, further curves are provided relating the voltage rating to external circuit conditions, for example: SB 7. At point B the device goes into avalanche, otherwise known as first breakdown. Conversely, for complementary pairs with a higher gain, the resultant negative feedback is increased and a higher h F E ratio will maintain the necessary protection against distortion. M heatsink -hole min. The BC is primarily intended for low noise datashset stages in tape recorders, high quality amplifiers and other audio frequency equipment.

At this point the collector current starts datassheet rise sharply for very little increase in the collector- emitter voltage. Examples Vdd, Vss, Vssd 2. Example hi Ehi B The four pole matrix parameters of the device are represented by lower case symbols with the appropriate subscripts h ib The four pole matrix parameters of external circuits and of circuits in which the device forms only a small part are represented by upper datasgeet symbols with the appropriate subscripts.