Imam al-Haddad brought about a general renewal and a specific books: ‘Good Manners’ (Adab Suluk al-Murid) and ‘The Book of Assistance’. Adab al-Suluk: A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring .. The author of the treatise ( may God have mercy upon him) says, a disciple (murid) should not, even in the. Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, Muhammad Mmamali Adam (tr.) Paperback Translation of Risala Adab Suluk al-Murid.

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After some time the young farer of the Sufi path salik resumed his journey and benefited from sulluk leading shaykh of every city. First is keeping watch over the self nafs.

It is He Who will be your friend in the terrors of the grave. The common believers take recourse in patience sabr when a calamity befalls.

The fifth principle is rida acquiescencei. TheProphet, upon him be Allah’s blessings and peace, chose to speak ofmigration to give an example, which can be applied similarly to theother deeds so that the people are aware of it. The teacher, impressed by the intelligence and purity of heart of his disciple, loved him as his own son and later married his daughter to him. The third principle is that the wayfarer salik should protect the seven organs of his body from what is abominable to his Master, God.

And He has assigned special stations to the hearts of the elect. In the grave, too, you are in need of Him so that you successfully answer the questions asked by Nakir and Munkar names of two angels. Should not a man of reason beware and tum away from it,while diligently safeguards himself from it.

Every day of your life is equal to a parsang. It is not enough merely todesire it only, instead one should exercise good faith and do righteousdeeds as necessary to achieve it as indicated by His, the Exalted, words: But Yazid further said: There are also for it degrees, stages and stations of proximity to God.

Love is the fruit of the knowledge of the Beautiful Names of God. When he continues in this dhikr, it is transformed from human dhikr into celestial and holy qudsi dhikr. The author of the treatise may God have mercy upon him says, a disciple murid should not, even in the days of hardship and need, take even a grain of sesame that is doubtful, to say nothing of taking such a thing during normal and easier circumstances.


Every breath that you take is a step towards the stage of death. His heart is saddened by his shortcomings in obeying HisLord. Thus it is essential for a seeker to be like the corpse in the hands of the bathers ghussalso that he may attain communion with Haqq.

When an injustice is committed against him, he pardonsand forgives. Therefore, surrender yourself totally to Hadrat al-Haqq The Truth, i.

Adab Suluk Al-Murid

It is also proper if one adopts a middle path, i. As to the involuntary journey, the starting point is the father’s loins sulb ; the second stage is the mother’s womb; the third stage is the physical world; and the fourth stage is that of the grave, which is either a garden out of the gardens of paradise or adqb a pit out of the pits of hell.

All this amounts to the negation kufr to God, the Exalted, which is the greatest and the darkest of all veils, as God has said:.

He should not complain overtly or covertly, for the protest against the real owner is absurd and violation of all norms. This fear and awe is produced in one who contemplates God’s attributes of magnificence and wrath. The Messenger of Allah, upon him be blessings and peace, said. He is like a soil on which all kinds of filth is thrown on itbut out of which grow beautiful things.

In his youth he set out for travelling.

Discipline in the path of the Seeker by Imam Abdullah al-Haddad

Neither did the bounties enjoyed by the former blur his vision of adav Provider, nor the hardship and tribulations of the latter supuk his sight from seeing the hand of their Sender. The salik is unaware of them, and even if he is aware, he does not know how to cure his nafs. Allah will bepleased with him and make his last abode His garden, near to Him, andin the company of the best of His people.

The second principle consists of seclusion and detachment from people, especially from everyone who hinders one from approaching God.

Adab Suluk Murid – Imam Al Haddad – Erthul-Mustafa

O slave of Allah! As God has said:. Second is the expression of humility, poverty and abasement before the Lord of the world.


Then I advise that, 0 dear student seeker who wish to presenthimself before the Lord; you should know, indeed, that when you askme for advice in relation to the path that you are seeking, I feel at thispoint there is nothing ready for presentation.

Those whose intentions go toother than Allah and who action is devoted towards other than Allahaccordingly, their rewards are with whoever their intentions had gone to. al-myrid

Adab Suluk Al-Murid – [PDF Document]

The Hereafter here means the Heaven. God, the Exalted, has said:. Those who seek nearness to Me do not succeed in attaining their goal except in proportion to their fulfilment of all that I have made obligatory for them. That is, faith [Iman]and devotion, and the annihilation al-muris all formalities, customs and habits.

O slave of God, know that God, the Exalted, created man only in order to enable his heart or spirit to make the journey towards Him and to attain communion with Him, and to observe His Glory and Beauty, which is the ultimate end of all purposes and goals and the ql-murid of all bounties and gifts.

They are as follows: He considers his vices and sins bigger than the capacity of God’s generosity and mercy. Otherwise his sincerity and aspiration will be deemed false; his love will be merely a false claim; though he may consider himself as a wayfarer towards God, in reality he is plunged in the dungeons of sensuality.

Scholars, as well as the laymen, so highly admired the works thaithey would read them repeatedly. For the seeker whodesires it, al-murod alone actively pursues it, ends up in the Fire, rebuked andhumbled. Al-jurid the Prophet S said: When his rights are withheld, he is patient. J” jl YiJlS’ If any do wish for the transitory things of sl-murid lifeWe readilygrant them such things as We will, to such persons as We will: So if you seek Us, bring humility and neediness.