(Against Praxeas) Praxeas thought that the Father and the Son were so much the same that we could say that God the The identity of Praxeas is unknown. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Treatise against Praxeas is an important work of Tertullian which has for some years been readily available in English. : Against Praxeas (): Tertullian: Books.

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Praxeas – Wikipedia

Here, then, they take their stand, too infatuated, nay, too blind, to see in the first place that there is in this passage an intimation of Two Beings — I and my Father ; then that there is a plural predicate, areinapplicable to one person only; and lastly, that the predicate terminates in an abstract, not a personal noun — we are one thing Unumnot one person Unus.

Verily Praxas say unto you, that the hour is praxes, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God ; and when they have heard it, they shall live. He who was always ” alone,” could have no isa. Texts for Students General Editors: He taught Monarchian doctrine there, or at least a doctrine which Tertullian regarded as Monarchian: There is no reference to equality here, but only to paternity.

For it x ‘ is not once only, but thrice that we are, at the utterance of each of the names, baptised into each of the Persons. Connection Between Covetousness prwxeas Idolatry.

What follows Philip’s question, and the Lord’s whole treatment of it, to the end of John’s Gospelcontinues to furnish us with statements of the same kind, distinguishing the Father and the Sonwith the properties of each. I am one who am bearing witness of myself; and the Father is another, who has sent me, and bears witness of me.

Therefore I am not a son, because I have not a father, who makes a son. Yet the Father and the Son are different, in that the Father is greater than the Son. The Resurrection of the Body, and the Change Thereof.


On the Epistle to the Galatians. The rest of the treatise chap.

Medieval Reckonings of Time. In order, however, to reconcile this diversity between the Visible and the Invisible, will not some one on the other side argue praxeaw the two statements are quite correct: The primary witnesses, therefore, are:. Observe also the Spirit speaking in the third person concerning the Father and the Son: Him we have seen and heard, and our hands have handled the Word of life.

For we who by God’s grace examine both the times and the motives of the Scriptures, as pupils especially of the Paraclete, not of men, cf. Tertullian Urges This with Much Indignation. We have no evidence as to the date of Tertul- lian’s birth, but if we place it about A.

But all the rest of the created things did He in like manner make, who made the former ones — I mean the Word of Godthrough whom all things were made, and without whom nothing was made. Thus saith the Lord to my lord Christ. Can you be surprised if the Father can be understood to be the Son’s face, when he is his head? After dealing with l Philip and the whole compass of this enquiry which continues till the end of the Gospel, in the same tenor of con- versation, in which Father and Son are each distinguished in His special quality, He promises John xiv.

I for my part approached God himself, I tempted the Almighty hand to hand: Tertullian – Against Praxeas. Tertullian makes the point that one verse of scripture should not be interpreted contrary to many clear and definite verses. Silenced, I say silenced be this evil-speak- ing ; enough that Christ, the Son of God, is spoken of as dead, and that too because it is so written.

This Book Agrees with the Pauline Epistles. It represented rather a tendency within the bosom of the Church. These Imply the Possibility of Falling into Heresy.

Tertullian: Evans, E: Against Praxeas ()

You have Him exclaiming in the midst of His passion: Then the Lord answered him: Christian Literature Publishing Co. Run farther over the Gospel and you will find that He whom you believe to John xv.


Further Reasons for Practising Patience. He might also have extinguished Praxeas and all other heretics at once; it does not follow, however, that He did, simply because He was able. Everything that 1 Matt. Or else display the proof which I demand, like mine, that is that the scriptures so represent the Son as identical with the Father as among us the Father and the Son are demonstrated in distinction: For what is “compassion” except “suffering with” another?

Against Praxeas

For although a thing may sometimes be made different from him by whom it is made, yet nothing can be made by that which is a void and empty thing.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Being compounded, therefore, of both, He actually is neither; He is rather some third substance, very different from either. Still, in these few quotations the distinction of Persons in the Trinity is clearly set forth.

Mohr, Physical Desc.: Heresy, as Perverting the Truth, is Connected Therewith. But it shall also be plucked up anew, if agalnst Lord will, in the time now at my disposal: He that doth not honour the Son, doth not honour the Father, who sent the Son.

Evans,p. God could, if he had wished, have equipped men with wings for flying – a faculty he has also provided kites with: Suppose now that by some means Jesus were also called Vestitus Clothedas He is actually called Christ from the mystery of His anointing, would you agaimst like manner say that Jesus was the Son of Godand at the same time suppose that Pfaxeas was the Father?

Doubtless it was so taken by Tertullian also.

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