The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Nevertheless, to avoid the like Inconveniency for the future, it was determined that thence forward ahimaan should bring their own Sons no more into the Senate; only young Papirius who was freely accepted, and his Secrecy and discreet Policy not only applauded, but himself with Titles of Honour dignified and rewarded.

I make no Manner of Doubt but that this will reach the Hands of the Person aimed at; and as my Intention is rather to reform than offend, I hope he will answer my Expectation, in laying aside such Evils as may bring Dishonour to the Craft and himself; xhiman I assure him upon the Honour of a Mason I have no evil Design against him, no more than Hesiod had erzon his Brother Perses, when he wrote the following Advice.

Accordingly, Laurence Dermott, who was at one time their Grand Secretary, and afterward their Deputy Grand Master, compiled such a work, the first edition of which was published by James Bedford, at London, inwith the following title: Concerning and Installing Grand-Master A MASON is a Lover of Quiet; is always subject to the civil Powers, provided they do not infringe upon the limited Bounds of Religion and Reason; And it was never yet known, that a real Craftsman was concerned in any dark Plot, Designs, or Contrivances against the State, because the Welfare of the Nation is his ahuman Care; so that from the highest to the lowest Step of Magistracy due regard and Deference is paid by him.

Moses afterwards reduced the Laws which he had received into Writing, but not the Explanations of them; these he thought it sufficient to trust to the Memories of the above mentioned Persons, who, being perfectly instructed in them, delivered them to their Children, and these again from Age to Age.

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Any Brother may send in a Petition or Recommendation, but none are admitted to ahijan and hear the Debates but the Grand Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, and the eight Masters summoned for that Purpose. This shall be duly considered, and answered in its proper Place hereafter. Indeed continued he there was one Flavius I think he was a Soldier took a great deal of Notice of the Temple, and other Matters about it; as did another Man, called Jerry; There rezn two others whose Names I have forgot, but remember one of them as an excellent Dreamer 8and the other was very handy in collecting all Manner of good Writing after the Captivity.

Thus Masonry is the Center of their Union, and the happy Means of consiliating Persons that otherwise must have remained at a perpetual Distance. By the time the Ancients and Moderns united ineight editions had been published. Quintus Curtius tells us, that the Persians held it an as inviolable Law to punish most grievously and much more than any other Trespass him that discovered any Secret; for Reaon thereof, he, says King Darius, being vanquished by Alexander, had made his Escape so far as to hide himself where he thought he might rest secure; no Tortures whatsoever, or liberal Promises of Recompense, could prevail with the faithful Brethren that knew it, or compel them to disclose it to any Person; And furthermore says, that no Man ought to commit any Matter of Consequence to him that cannot truly keep a secret.


Thus masonry is the center of their union, and the happy means of ahhiman persons that otherwise must have remained at a perpetual distance. Shewing who should fill the Grand-Wardens Places when they are absent. Lodge jurisdiction equal distance from each other 3 — See this explained in the Regulation for Charity. Concerning Grand Officers visiting Lodges, and by whom Lodges are to be constituted. No Master should take an Apprentice that is not the Son of honest Parents, a perfect Youth with Maim or Defect in his Body, and capable of learning the Mysteries of the Art; that so the Lords or Founders may well be served, and the Craft not despised; and that when of Age and expert, he may become an Entered Apprentice, or a Free-Mason and a Master-Mason, capable to undertake the Lord’s work.

Behaviour at home, and in your Neighbourhood MASONS ought to be moral Men, agiman above charged; consequendy good Husbands, good Parents, good Sons, and good Neighbours; not staying too long from home, and avoiding all Excess; yet wise Men too, for certain Reasons known to them.

The Wardens shall be true both to the Master and Fellows, taking Care of all Things both within and without the Lodge, especially in the Masters Absence; and their Brethren shall obey them.

The Grand Lodge decreed, that no Person so made, nor any concerned in making him, shall be a grand Officer, nor an Officer of any particular Lodge; nor shall any such partake of the general Charity, if they should come to want it.

But by Virtue of his Office, as Reaon, without any other Qualification, he shall not vote in choosing a new Grand-Master and Grand-Wardens, tho’ in every other Transaction.

General Ahiman Rezon

Like one distracted as in Truth Ahimwn was I ran to the Owner of the Dog, and demanded immediate Satisfaction; He told me he would hang the Cur; but at the same Time he imagined I should be under more Obligation to him for so doing, then he was to me for what happened. The Grand-Master abusing his Authority, how he is to be treated. I have heard of many others of later Date not so far distant as Fequin 4 that have preferr’d to Places or Offices of great Trust, and dignified with Titles of Honour, without having the least Claim to Courage, Wit, Learning, or Honesty; therefore if such Occurrences be duly considered, I humbly conceive it will not deem’d as a capital Offence, that I should entertain my own perpetual Notion, while I do not endeavour to disinherit any Man of his Properties.

WHETHER such an Opinion be true, or false, it matters nought to me; for the World must allow, that tho’ no Man has yet found out the perpetual Motion all Men ever had, has now, and ever will have, a perpetual Ahian And furthermore, we read that ahi,an following Person, so much fam’d in History, were not only poor Men, but many of them of a very mean Extraction.


IN like Manner, the new Aahiman shall call whiman his junior Warden, who shall be a Master- Mason, and presented as above to the ahimsn Grand-Warden, or some other Brother in his stead, and shall in the above Manner be installed in his proper Place; and the Brethren of this new Lodge shall signify their Obedience to these new Wardens, by the usual Congratulations due to Wardens.

The Master and the Masons shall faithfully finish the Lord’s Work, whether Task or Journey; nor shall they take the Work at Task, which hath been accustomed to Journey. Among the other Noblemens Sons who had been at this weighty Business, was that faithful Aihman the Son of the grave Papirius, whose Family was one of the most noble and illustrious in all Rome.

The exhibition will examine the sources for the book, its supporters, the importance of poetry and song, its publishing history and the legacy the book has left behind. To which is added the greatest collection of Masons’ Songs, etc. Lastly, all who pleased of the common People were invited to enter, and Moses instructed them likewise in the same Manner as the rest; So that Aaron heard four Times what Rzeon had been taught by GOD upon Mount Sinai, Eleazar and Ithamar three times, ahlman seventy elders twice, and the People once.

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A MASON, in regard to himself, is carefully to avoid all Manner of Intemperance, or Excess, which might obstruct him in the Performance of the necessary Duties of his laudable Profession, or lead him into any Crimes which would reflect Dishonour upon the ancient Fraternity.

Dermott’s political purpose in writing the Ahiman Rezon is revealed in his short history of famous leaders of the ancient world who were of ‘mean extraction, that is poor, such as Tamerlane the son of a herdsman, and on the cover which shows the arms of the Worshipful Company of Masons as well as those of the Freemasons, possibly in an attempt to re-connect Freemasonry to its operative and artisan roots.

And on the next Morning such a Din was at the senate Door, for Admission to sit with their Husbands in this wonderous Consultation, as if all Rome had been in an Uproar. I would be understood by this, to mean that no reputable Tradesmen should receive any of our Benefits; but, on the contrary, am of Opinion that they are valuable Members of the Commonwealth, and often have proved themselves real Ornaments to Lodges.

But if the Master refuse to direct such Summons’s either of the Wardens may do it; and if the Master neglects to attend on the Day fixed, the Warden may preside in determining the Affair, in the Manner prescribed but they shall not, in the Master’s Absence, enter upon any other Cause but what [61] is particularly mentioned in the same Summons.

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