The Work performed under this Contract has been reviewed and found, to the Construction Manager’s and Architect’s best knowledge, information and belief. ~AIA Document G~ — Certificate of Substantial Completion. PROJECT: (Name and address). PROJECT NUMBER: OWNER l~. RURAL DEVELOPMENT ATTACHMENT TO. AIA DOCUMENT G “ CERTIFICATION OF SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION”. CURRENT EDITION. Project.

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Site Visits Site visits are typically necessary for determining conformance of the completed work to the requirements of the contract documents, and the AIA General Conditions require, The Architect will visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction, or as otherwise agreed with the Owner.

In this case, In-Place Mock-ups can be scheduled where the initial installation of a product or system can be reviewed as construction is begun. Since much of the information exchanged during the construction phase is time driven, it is reasonable to have a usable tracking document for the needs of all parties. Send an RFI to the contractor if change order pricing is not timely.

This discussion of payment certifications will dpcument the use of the AIA certificate for payment form and its content. The Preconstruction Conference is the primary construction phase planning meeting.

CCA Services Activities | Bulletproof Contract Administration: Managing Risk During Construction

Require notarized contractor signatures on the application. Since information is dochment by the owner, architect and contractor during the construction process, the AIA document G, …is intended to provide a standard form for an owner, architect, contractor or other party to request information from each other during construction.

Check state regulatory requirements for required site visits.


Moreover, such an action could cause the architect to assume unnecessary additional risk. Check to be sure the designated portion of the project is clearly indicated.

AIA Documents Flashcards Preview

This can be supported by adding a notation on the Certificate or g04 the letter of transmittal when the certification for payment is sent to the owner. Note if docujent punch list is attached or under separate cover. Site Visits Discussion Summary: All meetings should be reported in writing. Certification of Payment —Architects have been certifying payments to contractors since the AIA documents were created in the early 20th century, and a certificate of payment was published by the AIA for this purpose.

Accordingly, it is necessary that the architect be a participant in the change process in order to fulfill its duties in its contract. A frank discussion should be held with the owner to discuss an appropriate number of visits, and should the owner refuse to allow the number of visits the architect feels is necessary, the owner should be advised that critical activities such as the determination of work conformance and the determination of substantial and final completion may not be achievable unless site visits are allowed.

This notice should be given to the owner in writing.

AIA Document G and G CMa G Form G G Software

Certificate s of Substantial Completion —Certifications for substantial and final completion were addressed in The Handbook of Architectural Practice in the early 20th century with no form or prescribed format published. Also, the form indicates. Submittal Review Discussion Summary: The following qualification can be used as a guideline for docjment the desired wording.

The types and number of meetings play a significant role in the exchange of information necessary to complete the construction process.

The architect should be invited to these dociment. This is also a good time to discuss the limitations on the architect as described in the AIA documents, which include. Log and track RFIs independently from the contractor.


wia Review only specified submittals. G074 form indicates that the date of issuance and the date of substantial completion are the same. Laws vary by state and members should seek legal counsel or professional advice to evaluate these suggestions and to advise the member on proper risk management tools for each project. The preparation and issuance of the punch list s often does not occur in sequence with the issuance of the certificate, therefore the certificate should indicate punch list provided under separate cover if it is not physically attached.

The architect may choose to conduct the Preconstruction Conference. Click here to take a test for One Learning Unit. It is also important to clearly indicate the portion of the project that is being addressed by the certificate. documebt

Project Meetings Projects cannot be constructed by one person; therefore project meetings are necessary to facilitate project communications. The architect should insist on detailed minutes of all such meetings held by the contractor, especially meetings where the architect is not in attendance.

Payments to the Contractor.

Definition of Certificate of Substantial Completion

Site visits can be costly, and some owners seek to limit or avoid them altogether. Certify is defined as. The contractor is solely responsible for the work, and the architect is not required to authenticate or verify in writing that the contractor has fulfilled its contracted responsibility.