Air Raid (HTML) (Asimov’s, Spring ). A sample from this anthology. Hugo Nomination for Best Short Story Nebula Nomination for Best Short Story. Air Raid. Needed: People for repopulating a future humanity. Whom do you get? This short story was the basis for the novel (and screenplay and movie). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Air Raid Title Record # Author: John Varley Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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The Hertz sedan was in the motel parking lot. One day I’ll be built in to a console, with all my guts on the outside and nothing left of my body but stink. Short story of airplane passengers removed before a crash, by humans from the future who are in need of healthy people.

Blood oozed from her temple. Not sure if something is SF? The hell with them.

Authors : Varley, John : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia

The plane was on autopilot, as it normally would be at this time. There’s other raidd things about Snatching, but nothing to compare with the rush of plugging into a portapak.

Mar 28, Bradley rated it really liked it. When a bird gets to corkscrewing and coming apart, the math is fearsome. The wake-up transfusion is nothing but fresh blood, rich in oxygen and sugars.

Meantime we continue to rot. But not this time. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat I had maybe ten years, half of that as a basketcase.

She spread her legs and arms and I couldn’t push her through. Liza Boston muttered past me on the way to Prep.


And it’s damn risky, too. Not bad, and better than some I’d been given. Sondergard was at the mirror, the worst possible place.

I figured she’d be more curious than afraid. Damn it, let’s squander a little ration and have us a good time. There’s a full version to read here. I shuddered, thinking about riding it in.

De Jan rated it really liked it Oct 08, Air Raid [ as by Herb Boehm ]. The perspective nearly made me dizzy, but I live for those moments. varpey

I threw myself toward it, dragging Cristabel, keeping low as two wimps were thrown headfirst through the gate above our heads. Some of them knew Sondergard so I didn’t say much, pleading a hangover. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

They don’t like us much. Print SF can include books, stories, ebooks, graphic novels, comics, webcomics, manga, radio plays, music, and more. You can’t give them time to think, you have to rely on your status as the Voice of Authority.

Air Raid by John Varley

Elfreda touched me as I passed her. We were going in. AckermanJean Stine. Spoiler tags are courtesy, not required. It would take at least two hours just customizing the wimps. He was fresh, he was complex, he understood the imaginative implications of transformative developments like cloning see Clonesmany of his protagonists were women see Women in SFand most of the stories he told were set within an overall background Universe whose centre of geography had been startlingly displaced — in a manner characteristic raic the finest sf — from Earth itself.

We pressed our feet against the other wall.

Novels about time travel American novels American science fiction novels science fiction novels Novels by John Varley Aviation novels American novels adapted into films.


Want to Read saving…. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There’s an unavoidable feeling of sympathy for the poor dumb goats that rald to get me about this stage of the game. Only one in ten of the wimps had a customized face. Rraid rated it liked it Mar 08, Kundekonq rated it really liked it Mar 14, We jogged into the dark Operations Control Room and lined up at the gate. Air Raid Title Record Author: You grab the harness around the wimp’s shoulders and drag raiid along the aisle, after consulting the seat number painted on its forehead.

What are you doing in my—” Words fail you at a time like vagley. Once we’d started the snatch with me entering Sondergard’s room, there was no way to go back any earlier on either side.

Short story by John Varley which became the basis for his novel “Millennium,” as well as a movie by the same name.


I made a snap decision, thumbed the fireworks switch on my gun, and shot him. All around me in the darkened bunkroom the Snatch Team members were sleeping singly and in pairs. Bob Alexander rated it really liked it Aug 15, The situation board glowed ait the gloom.