View and Download Akai S service manual online. Midi stereo digital sampler. S Music Equipment pdf manual download. Akai S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai S Service Manual. Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”. See other formats. OOL US MIDI STEREO DIGITAL SAMPLER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Display Backlit

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When comparing sound from computer programs to this beast, difference is huge! After a couple of early catastrophes while recording vocals onto a Syquest removable disk quickly replaced by a more reliable optical removable disk drive we eventually developed an efficient, fast and very reliable system under the control of a MIDI sequencer and mixing down to DAT.

You could swap this round and have 10 meg in each unit or 18meg in one and 2 in another. I have two leads for use with the RSDO: Eingestellt von akai-sampler um Vocal takes can be cut and pasted on screen if you’re using a computer-based sequencer, timing can be adjusted and shifted, and takes can be overlapped manial double-tracked.

I just got a S to compliment my S!

Akai S1100 Manuals

Also it overheated i think some noise appeared after few minutes. Hello Martin, Im absolutely sad. Disabling FX on the s is not an option! I played back the sequencer and the S, triggering the DD take from the z1100 note, and apart from some slight phasiness the rhythm patterns were still in sync after eight minutes.

Save it to blank floppy by executing downloaded file.

As addition two OS diskettes included and one diskette with couple of samples to check the machine after purchase. Alternatively the disk can be divided into two or more partitions, with one partition for DD takes and one or more manuall samples, keygroups and programs. After many hours of browsing and reading i got the answer.


Akai S1000 / S1100

Points to look out for when buying an S second-hand are what operating system it has currently v4. We suggest you to stock the following Recommended Spare Part items listed below since they can cover most of the routine service.

One of the benefits of this digital mixdown method is that, in theory, an endless number of DD mixdown sessions can be performed without any loss of quality. But here’s another exclusive tip. If the S is a major part of your setup, it could be pretty inconvenient having the sampler RAM full of vocals. An even cheaper, if slightly smaller, option is an Iomega Zip drive, although the disks work out more expensive than optical in the long run. This is independent of gain, volume settings.

Once the vocal takes have become samples, a wealth of editing facilities is available to you — retuning, stretching, squeezing, reversing, combining, looping, and so on — and, if you have access to a Mac or PC sample editor, other functions, such as EQ and level re-scaling and special effects, could be used.

MPCHunter ยป SEX

As most hard-up musicians know, the running costs on a track tape machine can be a real burden and you’re tempted to start ‘economising’ by re-using tape and skimping on servicing — both big akia.

My guess is something being loaded from the S cd is changing a parameter on the FX card causing it to malfunction. Something on the CD not the programs or samples is causing the s to use the FX dsp differently.

This will reduce the need to turn up the input gain too far, because while the input preamps on the S are very good they aren’t totally transparent, and increasing the input levels will eventually introduce unwanted noise. It tires to reproduce lost tones!


A good microphone technique is also encouraged — try to get as high a level as you can sung into the mic, and if your vocalist has a soft or quiet voice try to use an active or phantom-powered microphone, as these usually produce a higher output level. Reassemble in the reverse order. Disk drive in working condition, Screen has good brightness, like new.

This forward delay is in addition to the default S pre-delay of ms and allows the hard disk plenty of time to jump into action before the recording begins.

Signal is just interpolated beyond 16bit scale and it clips. E1100 main unit has 2x 8meg boards in and the ex unit has 2x 2meg boards in. August a1100, Reply. When you play distorted sample saturated, squashed or clipped this interpolation tires to reproduce lost signal!

Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”

July 30, Reply. While this method of recording may not be to everyone’s taste, we found it a pretty painless transition. The third time i mankal it my whole room started to smell insanely aggressive no smoke. A lot of memory is essential for this procedure, with 8Mb RAM the minimum, 16Mb recommended and 32Mb an ideal configuration. To achieve this at the highest quality with no loss and no noise, an Akai IB digital manuql interface must be fitted to your S This is just incredible.

July 13, Reply. I like S even more than SXL. Adjust the signal level so that the output is -6dBm. This was very expensive, so because of economy reasons this was the last sampler with such beautiful sound.