All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. SXL Operator’s Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION FEATURES. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed. S Owners Manual download. SI Owners Manual download. SXL Owners Manual download. S Owners Manual.

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However, retaining the old method as well gives you the best of both worlds in that any setups you may have using the older method can still be used plus you can avail yourself of the new functions as and when you like. Polyphony – 32 voice. If you change your mind and do not wish to renumber any programs, simply press without pressing F3, F4, F5 or F6. At first, with the function being so fast and convenient, it may seem a bit strange to want to disable it but there may be times when you need to be able to change note ranges whilst receiving data from a sequencer that is playing.

A useful function of this master depth control is that in the case where you have applied LF01 to several destinations and you wish to increase or reduce the level of modulation going to all the destinations, you may change the modulation level to all destinations with just the one depth: In any of the pages described, you may always directly access another from the soft keys.

As a result, the whole format of the directories is completely different. This will normally only happen with particularly loud samples recorded at full level when excessive modulation is applied.


IVIodwheel This selects the modulation wheel as the control source. Arranging is a faster operation than a full format it simply initialises directories into a format suitable for use by the SXL. For example, you may layer a strings program or whatever on top of itself with some detune for a richer sound simply by applying the same program to two or more parts, giving those parts the same MIDI channel and setting a FINE TUNE value for each as appropriate to achieve the same result in SINGLE requires that you make a copy of the program.

The display will prompt you: But it definately will not steer you wrong, wether By assigning your snare drum into a mute group, you may re-create this effect.

Akai S3000

Those, then, are the master pages for the program where you can set parameters that affect the program as a whole. Alternatively, if you know where the original mnaual is on disk, you may prefer just to load it straight from disk, bypassing the procedure described above. But why stop there! To assign a sample, simply move the cursor to this field and scroll through the available samples in memory with the DATA control.

Assign the bass to one part and the piano to another and set both parts to the same MIDI channel. Or perhaps a hard copy?

This function may also be used to emulate the characteristics of older drum machines. This may be useful in a drum program where things like toms, cymbals and some percussion appear at the SSOOOXL’s stereo outputs whilst important drums like bass drum and snare are assigned to manuao at individual outputs.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Of course, as usual, the name of the current program is shown at the top right hand of the screen. It sets the number of decisions it will make as it works its way through the sample. Having used the MPC for 10 years i aai looking forward to upgrading to the In fact, it is a good idea to regularly save your work as you are working. Again, as a result, you need not worry about having to set these assignments yourself.


Page for example, when sequencing programs in the SXL. If you play between two overlapping ranges i. As a result, it is vital that you save your work manaul disk before turning the power off otherwise you will lose s300 work and, unless previously saved, it will s0300 gone for ever.

You may use this function to create keyboard splits with other programs of the same program number. At around a setting of 75, this can be used for vibrato but can be assigned anywhere you like and can be used for filter sweeps, panning, amplitude modulation and slow pitch sweeps.

ByNojus Tue Jan 08, 8: Page It is possible to zoom in on the waveform using the key. As mentioned above, when LF01 is tied up doing vibrato via the modwheel, LF02 may be used to affect things such as panning, filter sweep and amplitude modulation.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

It is worth giving your tags useful names to avoid confusion at a later date. There are many possibilities which you will no doubt discover for yourself. The SXL will read the floppy disk and list the song files that it contains.