Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lang: Romanian, Pages Reprinted in with. Strainul. Ciuma. Caderea. Exilul si imparatia (Romanian Edition) [Albert Camus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aceasta carte contine. Strainul /​ Albert Camus. Also Titled. Outsider. Author. Camus, Albert, . Published. Bucuresti: Editura Albatros, Notes. Original title: L’etranger.

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Raymond asks Meursault to testify in court that the girlfriend has been unfaithful. He likes swimming and women. Camus describes Meursault, the main character, only sparingly; and for the majority of the novel Meursault holds no real opinion about anything, and neither does anything even the strinul of his own mother effect him very much. It might have been yesterday.

Masson is a carefree person who likes srainul live his life and be happy. This is the only time at the Home Meursault actually asks for something. How many times in life have you felt out-of-place entering a room? A book I would recommend to anyone who has even strainu, slightest interest. Here we have find Meursault denied the sunsoaked scenes of nature and friendship of the outside world, and the sexuality so rampant in part one as he finds himself now beset by the cold indifferent stone walls of prison.

He is not fond of playing games or telling lies rather accept life as it comes to albetr without any underlying sense of morality, prejudice or conformity. Yet the society forces rational explanations on Meursault’s doing and makes decisions for his life.

Maman used to say that you can always find something to be happy about. A shaft of light shot upward from the steel, and I felt as if a long, thin blade transfixed my forehead.

Defending Yourself You would normally expect the defendant to assert their innocence or plead not guilty in the criminal justice system cue Law and Order theme song. After this, the girlfriend’s brother and several Arab friends begin trailing Raymond.


As a matter of fact, Meursault lack of emotional response is the basis of the novel. Are you defending what Meursault did? He observes much and acts little. Like albdrt, it’s all a gamble and not always worth the risk.

Return to Book Page. Do we live because everything makes sense? Da anni ho voglia di riprenderlo, la sua atmosfera e il suo umore mi tornano a galla — la recente lettura di Atti osceni in luogo pubblico mi ha finalmente spinto a farlo.

The Stranger

Whether you like humor, philosophy, need to read a classic for a challenge or just for street cred, whether you have an interest in reading a French novel – this book is good for srrainul many purposes.

Luchino Visconti e Marcello Mastroianni aspettano che il set sia pronto. We as given laser-sharp glimpses of various facets of our enigmatic first-person narrator as he moves through his everyday routine in the following days and evenings, routine, that is, until the unforgettable scene with the Arab on the beach, one of the most famous scenes in all of modern literature. The unintended murder by Meursault puts him in an awkward situation among the society as he says the trigger going off from being overcome by the sun and heat.

That being said, he’s not an inherently malicious guy like his friend Raymond, who is a pimp and a wife-beater who does stuff like has sex with his ex-girlfriend after pretending to make-up with her, then spit in her face.

His lack of emotion means he is not immersed in situations, throwing his whole self into things as the very emotional people around him do. If he wasn’t executed, he would have died sooner or later. While he is ready to accept his fate- the punishment- but he finds the judgement rather ridiculous, he doesn’t plead for mercy since he takes life as it comes even if it’s hiding something as profound or seem so as death underneath its folds. I think a problem a lot of people have with this book is that they fail to look beyond the whole “what is the meaning of life” message.


He’s an open book, an adaptable entity and honest to a fault, a man who doesn’t subscribe to societal norms — not because it’s cool to be That Guy but because he truly seems to process events and impulses with a sense of sincerely stoic reservation.

I finished it on my way back home. Gilbert juxtaposes “execration” with “execution”. En las dos obras el acontecimiento que inicia el cambio es ajeno a ellos. Luchino Visconti curava scrupolosamente ogni singolo dettaglio d’arredo e costume.

He abuses it but is still attached to it. More than anything I was just bored with it. Works by Albert Camus. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And sometimes I think if this book can be reviewed at all. Our comprehension of life is overshadowed by the inevitability of our eventual demise. I agree that Meursault found some sort of solitude in losing hope, in his final indifference. Mersault stares at him, he is annoyed cammus see him and annoyed that the sun cmus so hot, as hot as it was at his mother’s funeral and it annoyed him then too, strainuk him more than his mother’s death.

Străinul (roman de Albert Camus) – Wikipedia

It also makes the novel a quick and easy read. He knows he has no business making assumptions about other people and their behaviors based albery on his own. Then beat her to a bloody pulp. Inthe British publisher Hamish Hamiltonwhich had issued Gilbert’s translation, published a translation by Joseph Laredo, also as The Outsider.

Retrieved 9 September However it is his decisions that effect him in this world, particularly by the individuals who trust that his decisions would come gnawing at him in a next world that presumably doesn’t exist steainul indicated by the narrator.