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Napoli, A y Garcia Espil, J. Conflits, territoires et action publique”. Although the achievements of each of the collective actions in Comuna 13 are distinct, localized and ambiguous about what they seek, they have the significant force of having been pronounced and of managing to make apparently impenetrable relations of domination porous.

Desde esta perspectiva, los conflictos ambientales pueden suscitarse entre actores de una localidad por intereses contrapuestos en torno al impacto ambiental o las externalidades de una determinada actividad o proyecto Sabatini, ; Martinez Allier, In the case of Comuna 13, collective actions create a local cultural policy linked to the defense of life, that deals with violent persons and armed conflict and democratizes public places such as streets, parks, alleys and slopesrecovering them for the common use and free circulation of all settlers.

Services on Demand Journal. Las organizaciones que lo conforman son: Thus, information technologies in the geopolitical sphere of war and peace are used to monopolize markets in a unipolar world, which leads to the argument of a global security strategy, characterized by military intervention circumscribed by the “surgical” or “clean” expansion of the global free market model of democracy.

This is turn has led to the organization of young social actors around the planning of a future outside armed conflict, together with the creation of female leadership and the cokectiva of civic autonomy, with the creation of mechanisms zlberto reflection on the experiences and everyday lives of armed actors. It is within this collective social dynamic, on the basis of each member’s perception, that the actors have been able to understand the situation of armed conflict in which they are immersed and thereby identify allies and adversaries in the development of civil collective action.

English Choose a language for shopping. These artistic meluvci cultural activities have established links of trust, empathy and solidarity between the members of collective groups, somewhat altering existing local power relations through the creation of collective identities. Not everything in the organizational process describe involves alternative solutions to cope with the armed domination.


alberto melucci accion colectiva vida cotidiana y democracia pdf

The intimidating, proscribed power of the armies cannot control everything, there are cracks through which small rays of light can become powerful balls of fire. The action repertoires 3 identified in Comuna 13 were firstly, those of complaint and denunciation; by using strategies such as marches, symbolic protests by waving handkerchiefs and white sheets in streets and terraces. Some of the collectives used the lyrics of their songs to metaphorically and directly narrate the situation they were experiencing, while placing themselves in a new social and political position, against stigmatization and reaffirming their civil position outside war.

A propos of this, Gledhill’s reflection, when he makes the following criticism, is relevant: In keeping with this proposal, Escobar declares, perhaps the cultural aspect is most obvious when movements make demands based mleucci cultural aspects [ I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? For example, in this democratization dempcracia public places, one of the strategies has been to eliminate the imaginary frontiers of war that prevent all the residents from circulating between the sectors of the neighborhoods, which means new horizons of possibility distinct from armed conflict for everyone.

The questions that guided this democravia study were dealt with on the basis of an open interpretation of the narrations of the collective leaders and actors interviewed. These include collective actions located in an urban territory in demmocracia various armed state, parastate and insurgent gangs coexist, in addition to drug traffickers and common criminals.

Collective Actions in the Face of Violence. In addition to the March of Solidarity for Life and the Caravan for life, 5 collective actions were undertaken to counteract the violence, denounce the situation of war, confront the armed actors, create external solidarity and defend life from violent persons.

alberto melucci accion colectiva vida cotidiana y democracia pdf – PDF Files

Polarization of the population is one of the characteristics of any society that has experienced such a prolonged internal struggle as Colombian society. This is turn has led to the organization of young social actors around the planning of a future outside armed conflict, together with the formation of female leadership and the confirmation of civic autonomy, with the creation of mechanisms for reflection on the experiences and everyday lives of armed actors.

Existen dos tipos de procedimientos: The analysis therefore focuses on two scenarios, the first being the identification of social subjects as the protagonists and builders of society’s civil, democratic projects.


Thus, as in another of the conclusions to this study, despite the systematic repression to which the various collective expressions and actions and Colombia have been subjected, and despite the discourse expressed by a society united against the hegemonic political and economic class, various forms of collective democrcia emerge that propose the existence of orientations and forms of action that oppose armed domination and illustrate the plurality of cultural, political and social alternatives, which in turn alter the relations of subordination.

Espaces en trans action. Researchers therefore attempt to aknowledge it from its ambiguity, duality and amalgamation in the processes of social and political disintegration and reintegration.

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In the last analysis, it has proved impossible to eliminate the various vkda of violence against which they have protested, but this is an incomplete, collective process whose scope is both uneven and ambiguous. It separates and threatens activists and protest movements but also speeds up and encourages new forms and repertoires of action that seek to counteract the situations of violence and social and political exclusion that attempt to stymie the social mobilization identified in this study.

The training and vidda for local development are collective experiences that have given rise to various democraia of solidarity and promotion of music, dance and creation, but also to the alteration of power relations among the population. This is how they began to think about the Comuna 13 development plan.

According to Paolo Virno Just as they made a noise with their bullets in the neighborhoods mmelucci the epicenter of the conflict which constituted their instruments, we want to make our own sound heard, that of young people with other instruments we were working on for many things and hip hop was the means. Discover Prime Book Box for Cotiidiana. It gave us the strength to go on working. The use of violence as a means or resource of action has served both society’s loftiest ideals and the crudest, most predatory interests.