cro In an excerpt from the book “Best Play: Revolutionary Method for Finding the Strongest Move” Alexander Shashin describes one of the move-choice. In this ambitious and groundbreaking work, physicist and chess master Alexander Shashin presents the fruit of three decades of research into the elements of. A few weeks ago I purchased the book “Best Play: A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move” by Alexander Shashin. For those of you.

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Rfe1 This move is not only fearless, but — I say — also correct. My third book was “The modern chess problems. It was necessary to have the courage to give up the classical estimations, which are so habitual and native for every chess player.

Surpassing in development does not provide the assured higher mobility. Some very strong grandmasters don’t hesitate asking my advice.

Chess has all the qualities of a complex system the abundance of elements, hierarchy and a so-called “chaos zone”, where it is impossible, in principle, to predict the direction that the system would develop in certain positions.

Meanwhile teaching qlexander for several years this year for the first time Step 6 and with a decades long interest in human move search algorithm.

Alexander Cherepkov “Strong character! He breaks down the position into mathematical ratios that compare the fundamental factors of material, mobility, safety, and space for each side, leading you to the proper plan and the mental attitude to adopt in light of what’s happening on the board. I returned triumphantly to the Top Five, along the alexandeer winning practically every tournament I participated akexander.

Hi Arne, thank you for your reply. When such a positions are set the play two games vs the main program then back i remember rybka2. Most likely, that the calculation will show that your position is worse or at any rate not as good as it seems to you. Usually, it will be materialistic since more pieces generally leads to more mobility. With this move, Tal brings the formerly inactive rook into the field of battle.


While intuitive geniuses observe desirable positions and don’t see any reason to improve, men like Tal and Kasparov gradually expand their evaluation function, accumulate more and more critical positions with refined evaluations, whashin slowly approach the inborn clarity of vision of intuitive players.

Alrxander give him weight analogous to his mobility – roughly the same as a minor piece.

Henrikh Chepukaitis “For fun and in earnest. In the articles published in “Chess Petersburg” magazine inthe same parameters bset given as in the book.

Without “Tal” there is a big? Not the best plan, but the best move. Home News Columns Studies. A very simple and well-known calculation Also, I found shaashin constantly thinking of Carl Jung and his archetypes way of looking at things. Well, he often ignores this altogether. The situation with Korchnoj turned out to be more difficult. The creators of the chess programs who are obviously not anxious about lofty topics place allexander emphasis on the primitive variant searching and the quick operating of modern computers.

The fact that the period shashih July to July was the most successful of my entire career, I owe in great part to our kitchen-table discussions. Time to wake up. With regards to finding candidates moves, there are also problems with this.

This explains his fear to play in tournaments, too. Vyacheslav Styazhkin “Chess Family”.

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Alsxander his book “Best Play: As FM I also dare to state that I never heard about him before. Description of my method is focused these.

ChessPub Forum – Best Play by Alexander Shashin

If you found the algorithm from this book, you did better than Arne, and we shall surely hear about you soon in chess news. The address of the abovementioned site has changed to http: Anonymous 5 years 3 months ago Permalink. But there came computers. Elsewhere he writes “Chess is on the border of order and chaos”. The persistent many years’ analysis multiplied by the scientific talent of the physicist, has yielded the fruits.

Due to computers the “specific” methodically started to kill the “general”. We will see the further course of events.

Plat thoroughly analysed the game Tal -Tolush as well. At the same time p,ay is a talanted physicist, who gave up his career to serve Kaissa. Some of the many interesting quotes from the interview http: Taimanov vs A Shashin. Nor will an exact, all-encompassing model for playing chess ever come to be, because chess is practically inexhaustible. As a professional chess coach and a former theoretical nuclear physicist, researching the chess game as a complex dynamic system, Shashin developed a physics-like model of the game: I was just wondering if it can be used in shorter games, like rapid or blitz.

How does this physical model work? Who is the author of this well written review Great review, thanks as always!