Marmelada. Alibertia edulis. a.k.a. Purui. A green fruit, similar in size and shape to the pomegranate. Its black pulp is said to resemble marmalade and quinces. Alibertia edulis. (A. Rich.) A. Rich. in DC., Prodr. Lagartillo, Madroño, Trompito, Trompo, Wild guava. Glabrous, dioecious shrub or small tree, to Extract from Tomas B. Croat BCI Descriptions. (A. Rich.) A. Rich. in DC.,Prodr. 4: Lagartillo, Madroño, Trompito, Trompo, Wild guava. Glabrous.

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Moderately common around Gamboa, somewhat less so at Soberania and Barro Colorado, and rare at Sherman.

Make pruning to form. Home page Alibertia edulis. Publisher Reference Publications; Michigan.

Alibertia edulis

Riley Alibertia panamensis L. Riley Alibertia premontana C. You have to study details of the leaves and stipules. If alihertia would like to support this site, please consider Donating.

Alibertia edulis – Wikipedia

The small stems are sometimes used for making tools or as firewood. A forest treelet, not more than 7 m tall, with a stem often branching near the base and light brown bark.


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Alibertia edulis

The leaves are elongated oval, 9 to 20 cm 3. Finally, AEAE was able to present important in vitro antioxidant properties. How many suns are in our solar system. Jackson Thieleodoxa lanceolata Cham.

I recommend to plant in full sun in the alibertis of 5 x 5 m 17 x 17 feet. Description M armelada is a fruiting plant originating in tropical America, its distribution extending across wet, moist and seasonally dry areas from southern Mexico, through Central America and the Caribbean, to Guyana and Brazil.

In addition, this aliibertia may confirm part of the pharmacological activity popularly attributed to this species and opens perspective for the future use in various renal and cardiovascular diseases. Dioecious plant, with masculine and feminine individuals in separate plants.

There are reports of different varieties, which are edjlis to vary by fruit size as alibsrtia as colour and flavour but this is not yet confirmed. Tree Atlas of Panama Description: Wild guava Names in non-English languages: Click to Display 15 Total Images. The fruit is consumed in-kind, ice cream is a delicious dessert, in the form of jam, juices and ice creams.


Seedlings start to fruit when around three years old. Planted in the site of Frutas Raras: Fast-growing shrubappreciates red and argillaceous ground with fast draining of the rain water and around 5. Best planting season is November to January, water after planting and every 15 days if no qlibertia. Stipules are green, leaflike, a few millimeters long, pointed, in a pair at the base of each leaf pair; they form a tube around the branchlet.

The trunk is quadratic ripped and black colored. Gives descriptions, photos and uses of a very wide range of fruit and other food-producing plants plus ornamentals.

Plasma sodium, potassium, total protein, urea, creatinine, AST and ALT concentrations were measured in samples collected at the end of the experimental period seventh day.

Disclaimer This website is provided for general information only. You must plant at least three seedlings for at least 1 fruiting.