The Alimak raising method consists of five steps, which together make up a cycle. The five steps are all dependent on the Raise Climber, which. ALIMAK INC. – Alimak Raise Climber. Operating height (m): . Operating width (m): Platform dimensions: m x m. Maximum length. In underground mining, a raise refers to a vertical or inclined excavation that leads from one level, or drift, to another. A raise may also extend to surface. There are four excavation methods for raises: Conventional or open raise; Long- hole or drop raise; Alimak ยท Raise boring.

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Where required, the stope hangingwall can be supported with deformed strand resin-grouted cable bolts in a regular pattern along the raise. When the air has been cleared the crew can ascend in the Raise Climber to the face, scale and install a new guide rail section, all under protection of the safety roof.

The blasts are timed to slash down, with the footwall holes often the last to fire. The raise climber consists of a cage for the crew, with a working platform on top for roof scaling and drilling and charging of holes. Less Dilution The production drill sits in the middle of its work, cutting the drilled length xlimak half.

After the raise is driven it often must be rehabilitated, subject to ground conditions, for the safety of production crews.

It is also quite common that the production holes in the raise mining method are smaller than in regular stoping, which will spread the explosive energy more evenly.

Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. The climber nests are always in the hangingwall. The platform can be any shape and size. Our Commitment Manroc Developments Inc. Regardless of the length of the shaft, the Raise Climber will end up rwise the right spot as its alignment in the shaft can be adjusted continuously according to laser readings.


Once the climber nests are established, ore starts to flow.

Inclined pressure shafts totalling m. The ckimber can also be mined in a shrinkage fashion, with added support gained from the broken ore in place. This improves drill accuracy which, in conjunction with the better ground control, reduces dilution substantially. The method works best if the ore boundaries can be interpolated between adjacent raises. This is less important in sulphides, where the driller can tell if the bit is in ore by the colour of the cuttings.

We are your preferred underground mining professionals.

The raise mining method takes advantage of this concept because, even though the hangingwall is only supported up its centre, the resulting two unsupported strips are long and narrow and are more likely to be self-supporting. Intuitively, geometry favors raise climber mining, in that access is gained to the centre of the stope hangingwall where the ground support does raose most good.

We can assist you with all your underground mining requirements. The advantages of this mining method are: These drifts are driven from the shaft or established mining areas to the new ore zone.

The machine, equipped with rack-and-pinion drive, travels along a guide rail and monorail with pinion rack, which are bolted to the hangingwall by expansion bolts. Pressure shaft of m. Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole open stopes.

This advantage is easily visualized if one imagines the hangingwall as a fractured beam or plate.

In theory, and if properly cabled, the foliated hangingwall could be approximated as a laminate beam by the Voussoir approach, as described by Hutchinson and Diederichs The nest will be slashed out of the drawpoint backs if development is from the hangingwall side.

Two parallel pressure shafts of metres. Contact Us For more information on Manroc’s Alimak raising services, please contact us. The Alimak Mining Method Raise Climber Mining Conditions This type of mining is best suited to tabular narrow vein ore bodies with enough dip for gravity ore flow.


Alimak raise climber (4)

Ore passes and ventilation shafts totalling m. The production drill holes are oriented slightly down from along strike, which is also roughly perpendicular to that found in the regular open stoping method. This final step should be done in such a way that concerns about adjacent stope stability and hydraulic heads are addressed satisfactorily. Nitrogen gases and dust created by the blast are vlimber by spraying a mixture of water and air through pipes in the guide rail.

There are several explanations, which include:. Alimak machines are in operation throughout the world, developing ore passes, ventilation shafts, main shafts, and others, at various inclinations and lengths. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. The Alimak Method consists of five steps which together make up a cycle.

Drill holes extend to just less than half way to the next raise and are oriented slightly down from horizontal. Mining Equipment and Tools [1].

Alimak Hek sells Raise Climber business | News |

This should also contribute to a more stable hangingwall. These drifts are also driven from the shaft or existing development but, unless there is another lift, they often need only be large enough for the movement of supplies. It runs on a guide rail anchored to the hanging wall. Not exactly what you want? The guide rail is built up in sections and includes pipes for supplying cllimber and water to drills and for ventilation of explosive gases following blasting.

For more information on our Alimak production mining services, please contact us. Since its introduction, the Raise Climber has been developed and improved into what is now the 6th generation, the Alimak RCM-series, enabling fast, mechanized drilling of long, inclined shafts and improved working environment.

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