Switched is the first book of the young adult paranormal literature series the Trylle Trilogy. Switched was first self-published as an eBook by author Amanda Hocking in early , and was published in paperback by St. Martin’s Press on. An addictive paranormal romance, Switched is the first book in a world of magic, Switched is the first novel in Amanda Hocking’s bestselling trilogy, Trylle. When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. Eleven years later, Wendy discovers her mother might.

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They bring nothing into the community. The trolls thing is cool. Sarahis queen. You could call it an obsession. There were a lot of developments here in this book thanks to my new favorite character– ladies and gentlemen, Loki Staad!

Somehow, I found this worse.

Trylle Series | World of Amanda Hocking

Elora had, for the most part, come across cold and never truly expressed love towards her daughter, Wendy. The story had me so engaged, that I could not put it down. Now, I’ve been having some mixed feelings about him.

Videos About This Book. Tove is like a brother. And much better than that anarchist with the tattoo on his face. My mother stood on the other side, holding a gigantic knife she was using to cut the cake to serve on tiny saucers. Just look at the cover. Review copy sent by the publisher Summary from Goodreads: She starts putting her own thoughts aside, which were few to begin with, to work hard on harnessing the power that we hear about over and over again.


The person she ends up with at the end surprised me. We were mostly just swaying in a small circle, and I wasn’t sure how I could screw that up, plus we seemed to be dancing the exact same way as everyone else.

Jen is hocjing in for hurting Wendy every time they meet. She can touch you and fix you. With Wendy’s wedding approaching and war on the horizon, she must now make preparations to keep her people from dying. I’d only been at this high school a month, but I’d quickly learned that was his favorite way of waking me up from my naps during his history lecture.

It swigched so much fun. The emotionally-unavailable bad boy with a hidden heart of gold archetype is more likely to be named something like Nick or Jack. There are lots of crazy things going on, like curses and death and weird procreation problems and things.

I also see the Vittra in a new light now. About a year ago, I’d discovered that if I thought about something and looked at somebody hard enough, I could get that person to do what I wanted.

I ship him and Wendy so bad! Can you marry who you want?

One thing I truly appreciate about the author’s writing is that she doesn’t draw out her books with endless filler-words. It’s only the beginning of the story, and I already found myself running into troubles with the characters, plot development and the setting of the story. He was sucked hockijg society.

I despised him from his introduction. I kept chanting what I wanted over and over in my head. Switcued were all dolls or ponies or some other thing I would never play with.


I just wish she was more vocal rather than being a little follower Queen. Finn broke Wendy’s heart – but the thing is, to me, Finn seemed like that infatuation that you have when you dive head-first into a new world. How can you not fall for a guy who’s fun and sardonic yet still adorably sweet??

This series introduced me to author Amanda Hocking, and I will definitely be looking for more of amandda books! So I have high hopes for Loki. I liked Finn, but I don’t like the way the things between them are heading,even though I enjoyed the tension. It’s not like Wendy ever asked for any of that. There was no point in the story where I was like, ugh, this is boring. The dialogue is horrific at times, there are long parts where the characters are just hockihg and repeating things over and over.

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The ajanda thing could be a bit more prevalent, you know? I tried getting along with the other kids, but I’d only take getting pushed for so long before I swithed back.

But by the end of this book, she has decided to put her angst on hold and go through with something uncomfortable to help out her future queendom. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I hope he’s more realistic than that. Her dad is a Markis, which is just a male Marksinna. What it came down to was that I knew nothing about him.

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