Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani A FAMOUS BOOK WRITTEN IN DEFENCE OF HAZRAT MUAVIA [R.A] Hazrat Ameer Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Rivayaat By Shaykh Muhammad. Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq Author Mufti Taqi Usmani. May Click to Download Click to Read on Scribd. Post a Comment. For More Islamic Books For More Islamic Books Visit For More I.

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Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq by Mufti Taqi Usmani ~ Brothers Digital Library

I hope this tareekhl clarify my position on that. You can take each narration one by one and see the biographies of their narrators compiled by the scholars amfer Hadith. You can download and see through the chapters related to the years ranging tareehki 30 to 65H. If a matter with such doubtful information is presented to any court in the world, the judge will not be able to decide the matter and will acquit the suspect based on the benefit of doubt despite of the fact that the suspect and relevant witnesses are available in his court.

There is a discipline in the historical studies that deals with criticism on historical events. Mohadisin have devised a great procedure to evaluate authenticity of Hadith.

Because in this way you can say that Zia- ul-Haq ruled for 11 years because he was a very patient person. You can check by yourselves in the “History of Maeer ” that all reports portraying a sleazy picture of the companions are reported by only five persons and all of them are considered as “liars “.

We know that some people are biased towards Hazrat Abu BakrU’mar. But the issue is that we do not have reliable and undisputed information about such incidents. Muawiyw far as I’ve studied the history, I’ve reached at the conclusion that it is not possible to settle a disputed issue based on a historical reports.


It is also reported in some narrations that he changed his decision once he found that a rule has already been established there. If we accept the narrations portraying himself as a umawiya, the matter will not remain limited to him.

Regards A Sister May On the other side, if we keep a bad opinion about the companions and they were free from such accusations, Allah will definitely hold us accountable.

We should consider the following facts about these issues: Although mistakes at individual capacity was possible but how could you believe that all companions committed a great crime collectively while the evidence against them is nothing except statements of a few people whose reliability is already under question?

Large number of narrators who reported the incidents related to the civil wars of companion’s time were biased against the companions. hsqaiq

Therefore, the issue becomes extremely grave. If you know Arabic, you should study the history from its original source.

When the matter is only an issue of doubtful reports, why should we form our opinions based on them. There is no doubt that the incident of Karbala is a grave incident of our history.

H Ameer muaawia aor tareekhi haqaiq

We also know that all such people disguised themselves in mainstream Muslims. The same procedure could be applied to historical reports as well. They will be highly appreciated.

And then he tried to convert the muslim amser into malookiat.

You know that a theory means, “it might have happened “. Respected Sister Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah The views presented in the books belong to their authors and aru are responsible for providing the answer raised on their work. Why should we not do so in this case and leave the matter to Allah for such people who passed away a long time before us and we do not have reliable information available to put a txreekhi against them. If someone blames our father, should we accept his accusations without any assessment?


Ajeer ruled for 9 years because he is very patient. Why should we rely on secondary sources? I respect the author of this book but it seems like he is just playing with the words. All those who accepted their caliphate will also be charged automatically as they accepted corrupt rulers. He will decide this issue on the Day of Judgment. Details of this haqaiqq are available here: Since you’ve mentioned that you are not a ShiaI’ll urge you to study it with an open mind and analyze its content critically.

Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani

I hope you got my point of view. But I’ll advise you to not rely on me and conduct your own study. My point is that if you want to quote an example it should be a good example. Only that person will reach at a real conclusion who was present at that occasion and bears eyewitness of an incident. Although we are not sure about authenticity of such reports. Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments.

But the truth is truth.