The “AMS” name in the standard is an abbreviation of “Aerospace Materials Specifications”. The standard is published by SAE Aerospace, part. I am relatively new to being a provider of heat treat services and am trying to get some clarification on AMS D. The specification identifies. Does AMS D require a statement of compliance to the specification (AMS D). printed on, or provided with Certificates of Calibration for an instrument.

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Any intentional offset as left? If no recurrent temperature pattern is detected, readings at subsequent locations shall be taken at intervals of two minutes or less, for a minimum of six minutes at each test location. System Accuracy Test Waiver ……………………………………………….

AMS process is used when the recorder is attached to the process in the role of a recording device. Instrumentation Type B ………………………………………………………. Furnace control instruments shall be calibrated quarterly? Refractory repair using material with similar thermal properties? A sticker affixed to the instrument shall indicate the most recent successful calibration. Refrigeration equipment shall have a temperature controller. Reuse of any thermocouple is prohibited unless the insulation remains intact and wires including the hot junction are mas damaged.

The number of degrees, determined from the most recent calibration that must be added to, or subtracted from, the temperature reading of a sensor, or an instrument, or a combination thereof system to obtain true temperature. Control, monitoring, and 2750 sensors shall comply with Table 1. Heat sink material shall be the material with the highest room temperature thermal conductivity consistent with the predominant material processed in the furnace.


Correction factors as well as corrected or uncorrected readings of all TUS sensors at each survey temperature.

A tolerance band for the thermal electric response expressed in degrees or percentages. Process 275d Print and Chart Speeds …………………………………. It is now subject to the 90 use limit as it has been used in a higher temperature range.

Diagrams of control and recording sensors, load and TUS sensor locations in three dimensional space. Instrumentation – Refrigeration Equipment and Quench Systems: In the context of this document, the difference between the uncorrected indicated temperature and the true temperature.

This rise in temperature of survey thermocouples towards the set temperature meets the requirement for stabilization. A sheathed thermocouple having the hot junction measurement junction end fused or welded to the end closure of the protective sheath.

Two modes in the recorder address the AMDD specification.

Using Honeywell X-Series paperless recorders for compliance with AMS D standards

One cycle of heating and cooling amx thermocouple. The assembly may include a thermocouple connector but does not include a reference junction or extension leads mechanically joined to the thermoelements.

A furnace where product is conveyed at regular time intervals from the charge area to the discharge area.

Installation of controlling, monitoring or recording instruments shall conform to the manufacturer’s recommendations. System accuracy test failure?


AMS2750D Standards Compliance with X-Series Recorders

Signature for the testing company if not performed in-house? Instrumentation types ama based on the level of instrumentation used to control, record or indicate the desired temperature.

Applicable correction factors shall be applied algebraically. The thermocouple thus constructed is protected, flexible and, within the temperature limits of the sheath material, may be used many times without insulation breakdown.

Working with AMS2750E and AMS2750D

Burner size, number, type, or location change? Examples where an initial TUS shall be required include, but are not limited to, the following: A furnace that contains a medium that becomes suspended or fluidized due to atmosphere gas or products of combustion passing upward through the medium.

In lieu of 3. Indication of test acceptance or failure? Additional TUS sensors shall be uniformly distributed throughout a plane perpendicular to the 2750e direction.

Adjustments offsets greater than those shown in Tables 6 or 7 shall not be 7250d. If the furnace work zone volume is cylindrically shaped, four TUS sensors shall be located 90 degrees apart at the periphery and one shall be located at the center. Equipment used 2570d or for a material producer or an approved supplier of a material producer in accordance with a material specification which may require by reference conformance to a heat treat specification.

Identification of the test instrument?