Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera. This book was amazing. Been wanting it for a while, even though when I first saw it I didn’t think it would be a. Reboot by Amy Tintera. Sixteen year old Wren Connolly was killed five years ago after being shot three times in the chest. minutes after. I’m the NYT Bestselling author of the REBOOT duology and the RUINED trilogy. My next book, ALL THESE MONSTERS, will be published in , with the.

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Following Wrena Reboot who was dead minutes before she reanimated as a deadly, inhuman soldier, REBOOT is about an elite team of once-dead teenage soldiers in a world decimated by a zombifying virus called KDH controlled by a quasi-government police force tasked with rounding up criminals and KDH-afflicted people.

They are less emotional, less feeling, more undaunted. This is a fascinating perspective on humanity and it looks at what it means to be human. He was one of the first guys to convince her to sit with a Under-Sixty, and was the first guy to point out the statement saying newbies are under appreciated and people thing to bad about them because of who they are, when they could be a lot more than above I thought Wren was awesome.

When Wren and Callum are sent on a mission that involves killing a human and Callum refuses, Wren is told by her superior that if Callum refuses on the next mission she must kill him. Agh, it just had so much potential … and then, once it got into the second half, it went way downhill.

When you can’t think of something just blame a virus, right? And besides, the action and the adventure was compelling and engaging, thus a fair rating.

Reboot Series

And Wren also has a nifty gift tintrea inferring correctly with no information given. The longer you’re dead means the less human emotions you come back with.

If it was, please do tell me, because I’d really like to know. Basically to train, get stronger, and capture some people that have done bad things. There are some, but I could hardly call explanations as they were mostly passing. I feel like going all Tyra Banks on this book. It just came off as being rather silly, in my opinion. Does this saga has any sort of love triangle?


The rest of the book is comprised of a halfhearted plot about escaping the HARC project amg involves a mysterious experiment being performed on the reboo Reboots. And then it turns out she’s just a softie even softier than an average teen-aged girl.

Reboot : Amy Tintera :

I mean, there was some action and violence here and there and all that jazz, but the corny romance kind of overshadowed the whole thing. A thing that got me a tat annoyed was writing the numbers the minutes that people had died full out in letters instead of numbers. She sort of reminded me a little of N I decided to read this since I loved the Ruined series, and this one did not disappoint!

I wanted to punch him at times, but then realized I would never be able to. Over my months of reviewing, I’ve come to realise something I’m awfully critical about- the world construction, or building. Secondly, it was extremely violent, to the point where it seemed to romanticize violence and killing for the sake of maintaining a character that had already begun to falter the moment her love interest appeared.

Heck- at the beginning she was killing humans. Callum 22 was dead for such a short amount of time that he is almost human and, for the first time, he encourages Wren to challenge her beliefs, her worth and if she really wants to continue being a human slave forever.

Reboots with a higher numberlike that of Wren, heal quickly, are faster and stronger requiring less food and having the ability to withstand high levels of pain, but are emotionally cold. Was it accidentally unleashed or?

His eyes were big and round, like a puppy begging for a treat. I read other reviews and they said later on there will a lot of kissing, and honestly, I don’t want to read a smoochfest, I want tinteta read a kickass dystopian YA book!

There’s something about her simple writing style that keeps me captivated and her snarky, witty characters always have me in stitches.

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Want to Read saving…. Nothing’s worse than a story that has such a great set-up and then fails at following through. I couldn’t think of any other good quotes ay the ones that are used here on GR.

I thought the idea of Reboots sounded like it could be really interesting. Being confused by the names at first, Wren is the girl and Callum is the boy. When Callum falls short of Reboot standards, Wren is told to eliminate him.

But I still thought he was missing something. Maybe my two stars are a little too strict, but I can’t think of anything positive to say about this book. When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double take because I thought tintrra had written a biography about me Sin embargo, me ha parecido que el ritmo decae un poco a la mitad del libro, aunque enseguida recupera tono.

HARCO thinks the ones that come back to life under sixty minutes are too human. I actually loved this book so much and couldn’t put it down once I started.

But what disgusts me even more is him calling her anxiety “nonsense” and saying that he’ll refuse to have sex with her unless she agrees to take her shirt off. Gruesome and exhilarating, Tintera shows us just how much dystopia or post-apocalyptic can expand to and adore. It was action packed, original the rebooting and stuffenjoyable and fast paced.

But it took no more than two smiles from Callum to completely change her behavior. Feb 17, Faye, la Patata rated it did not like it Shelves: Design 3,5 stars I really like the Dutch version of this book for a change.

With his humor and his kidness he will keep Wren’s interest! En definitiva, recomiendo la novela. There weren’t too many flaws, and I had no trouble getting through it.

Debbie Turner February 21, at God, I hate it so much when a book does this to me.