Image of Anadara tuberculosa (G. B. Sowerby I, ). Anadara tuberculosa Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC BY-NC ). To determine extreme and optimum temperature and salinity for growth in the mangrove cockle Anadara tuberculosa, we measured the scope. 1Universidad de Nariño, Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias, Departamento de Recursos Hidrobiológicos, Programa de Ingeniería en Producción Acuícola.

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In Colombia, they are the most exploited bivalves in the Pacific coast and the communities that inhabit this region benefit from them 2.

Pollinator mediated selection on the nectar guide phenotype in the Andean monkey flower, Mimulus luteus. Bol Invest Mar Cost ; 39 1: Borem A, Fritsche-Neto R.

Anadara tuberculosa

Statistical analysis of sequences. Finally, Figure 3 shows the phylogenetic tree of the resulting groups among individuals from the five islands. Paleontological statistic software package for education and data analysis.

Intra-specific comparison showed that areas where the organisms were collected do not affect valve configuration. Multilocus sequence evaluation for differentiating species of the trematode Family Gastrothylacidae, with a note on the utility of mitochondrial COI motifs in species identification.

Each one of the obtained sequences was edited and aligned. The results obtained in this study, using the COI gene as genetic marker, are the first reports on the genetic diversity for A. Stern-Pirlot A, Wolff M. The use of -omic tools in the study of disease processes in marine bivalve mollusks.

Excess ethanol was removed and the precipitated DNA was dried in the presence of heat for 15 minutes. The F ST value between these islands indicates almost identical allelic frequencies and close to zero. High genetic diversity in the harvestman Geraeocormobius sylvarum Arachnida, Opiliones, Gonyleptidae from subtropical forests in north-eastern Argentina revealed by mitochondrial DNA sequences. Tubercuoosa total of positions were found in the final data set.


Table 1 shows the values analyzed for each population. The result of a long term serial passage experiment? Similarly, the nucleotide diversity reported in general was low for all the islands and equal to 0.

Shells of both species were collected in nine different areas of the Colombian Pacific coast during as part of a project on the natural populations of piangua.

Habitat-associated morphological divergence in two Neotropical fish species. Degrees of freedom D.

Pustulose Ark (Anadara tuberculosa) – Shell Valve External View

Por su parte, A. The same program was used to estimate the Fs statistic 13 and the distribution between pairs of frequencies Mismatch distribution was evaluated.

The analysis of nucleotide variation showed percentages of base composition equal to For the populations evaluated, the haplotype diversity was 0. The PCR products showed a molecular size of bp. A case study from the western Indian Ocean. On the other hand, the value of the Fs statistic of Fu reported in this study shows an excess in the number of alleles, as it would be expected from a recent population expansion by linkage or drag.

On the other hand, the analysis of the distribution between pairs of sequences Mismatch distribution performed in the five islands under study as a whole, showed a unimodal distribution as shown in Figure 1. Los pueblos del mar. Genetic structure of Korean populations of the clam Ruditapes philippinarum inferred from microsatellite marker analysis.


The molecular analysis of genetic variance and structure showed that there is no population structure in the mitochondrial region of A. The amplified and quantified products of PCR were sequenced on both sides Macrogen.

Anadara tuberculosa – Wikipedia

Therefore, the purpose of this research was to use COI as molecular marker to estimate genetic diversity in five mangrove islands in Tumaco, Colombia. In this way, the existence of a genetic population is inferred as in the observations made in other anadafa 18 The fisheries and growth of Ark Clams Arcoida: Estimation of Anadara tuberculosa genetic diversity in five mangroves from Tumaco, using Cytochrome oxidase I enzyme.

El presente trabajo busca determinar la existencia de diferencias poblacionales tubreculosa A. Spatio-temporal analysis of the reproductive biology and recruitment of the bivalve mollusks Anadara tuberculosa in the Colombian Pacific coast. This shows that, despite the decrease in the density of the population of A. Edificio principal, Carrera 13 No. Differences due to size are not sufficient to determine the existence of different populations, mainly because these differences may happen due to differences in fishery patterns increasing the ratio of smaller sizes.

Similar values were observed when each island was considered as a population: Ninety-nine changes were observed in the sequences of the species A.

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