Em A Condição Humana a acção situa-se em Xangai, no ano de , quando uma . This novel is widely regarded as the magnum opus of Andre Malraux. Man’s Fate is a novel written by André Malraux. It was translated into English twice, both Author, André Malraux. Original title . La Condición Humana. Libros sin clasificar: La condición humana – andré malraux. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote

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Man’s Fate – Wikipedia

The novel is about the failed communist insurrection in Shanghai inand the existential quandaries facing a diverse group of people associated with the revolution. It won baajr Prix Goncourt, as probably Malraux would have found some of his experiences he was in China during those turbulent years handy when writing it.

What’s the point of it all? Elements are included of miscegenation and misogyny. I didn’t realise until I picked this up from the library that it was set in a violent struggle between the Chinese communists and Chiang Kai Shek’s Kuomintang in almost 20 years before the communists came to power. This is, without doubt, the richest, most dense literature I have ever read. They failed and were ultimately brutally marlaux, but the incident is traditionally regarded as the beginning of the Chinese Civil War, which would not be fully resolved until I’d be thankful if any one tells me something.

I think I’m going to read this again. His father, a stockbroker, committed suicide in He later commanded bajsr tank unit Brigade Alsace-Lorraine in defence of Strasbourg and in the attack on Stuttgart Germany.


Later he would organize and command an air division on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War. Souvenir de quelques fulgurances aussi.

Ch’en seems emotionally stunted and unable to get control of his feelings. Andre had Tourette’s Syndrome during his childhood, resulting in motor and vocal tics. But it fails, and Chen gets killed during a botched attempt to assassinate Chiang Kaishek.

There were external — political, personal and military — conflicts, and internal conflicts as some characters struggled to discover their strength of will, but no meaningful ideological conflict, which makes all the philosophical posing somewhat hollow, as if the conclusion drives the actions, rather than the other way round.

A story of revolution, and the endurance of humanity in the most despairing and inhumane conditions. He served as a soldier in the French Army that was defeated by the Germans and later became a leader of the Resistance. Baron Clappique aandre a French merchant, smuggler, and obsessive gambler. Great book about the Chinese Civil War.

Malraux became very critical of the French colonial authorities in Indochina, and during helped to organize the Young Annam League and founded a newspaper Indochina in Chains. It took me several weeks to find the courage to write this review. malfaux

Man’s Fate by André Malraux

She is the most underrated character in this novel in my opinion. The novel centres on several characters of diverse nationalities and ethnicities, most of them Communists or fellow travelers. Aside from capturing this historical moment which marked the split between the two political partners and the start of the Chinese Civil Conducion, Man’s Fate gave me Goncourt Prix in La condition humaine.

What a tale of jihad and lust during a civil war. Translated to Dutch by the author’s friend Edgar Du Perron. On his return he was arrested by French colonial authorities for removing bas-reliefs from humqna of the temples he discovered.


An interesting, although certainly not an uplifting, read. I have this research i have to do about this Novel can, can any one tell me something useful about it? Translated by Haakon M. The prose is clunky, and some explosive scenes are ruined by bad phrasing. The kind of jalraux that’s needed, now more than ever.

Man’s Fate

Their individual plights are intertwined throughout the book. Malraux and his first wife divorced during the s.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. During the war he worked on a long novel, The Struggle with the Angel based on the story of the Biblical Jacob. The novel concerns the communist upraising in Shanghai in So in reading a work which is not in its original language it matters a lot which translation you read, and that you cannot really be sure, going gaga over a “masterpiece” you’ve just stumbled upon, if the same was excellence conceived or excellence in translation.

According to Curtis Cate, his biographer, he was slightly wounded twice during efforts to stop the Falangists’ takeover of Madrid, but the British historian Hugh Thomas denies this. His two sons were killed during in an automobile accident.