Time Traders/Galactic Derelict has ratings and 31 reviews. terpkristin said: The July S&L pick, this was a refreshingly quick read. I like time trave. Galactic Derelict has ratings and 64 reviews. Dean said: Andre Norton’s Galactic Derelict will forever be special to me. As a youngster, I struggle. Andre Norton’s books have long, been favorites in the science-fiction field. In GALACTIC DERELICT, the second novel in the Time Traders Series (first.

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Fox was really quite good, and Renfry was a better addition than expected, though he didn’t get much sketching out, which makes me feel better about the possibility of future books in the series adding protagonists and changing perspectives.

I really enjoyed this it was a bit slow to startbut as the story started to unfold I was unable to put the book down. With special reference to a ride in the globe that takes the men to the alien worlds, since it has those uberspiffing bunks with the magical heal-all jelly!!

And the introduction borton an Apache in the second book galacfic an opportunity to deal with discrimination without being too heavy-handed.

Classic short scifi that is fun and easy to read. Continuing with the series. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.

That norfon one of the dangers or drawbacks to describing any “super future” technology. Written 30 years before the Berlin Wall finally fell, Russians are the Cold War foe here, but bigger, tougher enemies are gradually revealed. The Time Traders 2: Why is a refueling station still operative barely thousands of years after its abandonment, but the compon Having re-read the book s some 30 years after my first reading, they hold up really well this version of is actually an omnibus edition of the first two volumes of the series, and Galactic Derelict.

First contacts with the publishing galcatic led her, as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male-dominated market, to choose a literary pseudonym. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. And here’s another area where the book shows its age a little Mostly, though, it’s the story of Ross fighting it out with pre-historical people and survival in the wilderness. But prehistoric men, hungry saber tooths and angry volcanoes nrton the least of their problems, because they find exactly what they were looking for: The second half, in addition to the change in focus, also changes the main character, to a Native American.


Jun 14, Ralph McEwen rated it liked it. I’d read other derelicct in this series, galachic The Defiant Agents and Key Out of Timebut accidentally skipped the first one. I happened to glance down and saw a book cover that stopped me in my tracks.

Time Traders/Galactic Derelict

In fact, if I ever disappear suddenly without a trace, that’s probably what happened. Still enjoying the series, actually liked this one a bit more than the first, though it’s not at all the direction I thought the series would take. I’d suggest these to younger readers particularly, because there isn’t a lot of ambiguity. Andre Norton’s Galactic Derelict will forever be special to me.

Aug 20, Melinda added it.

Ingenuity, basic knowledge flexibly applied, and dauntless courage provide the handholds for success and a safe- though somewhat shattered-return. Eerily accurate considering that the novels were written before we had even obtained orbit. When my name was listed in the town newspaper at the top of the Honor Roll, I felt like it wasn’t me, yet it was.

I went derelicf the local library and checked out an armful of Andre Derflict books. Travis Fox, a modern, fullblooded Apache with archeological training. They manage to get there, but the ship noorton get into is brought into the present and then launches itself, sending the small group of men on an adventure to other worlds. This is one of her shorter books and is a nice lead into the next book Defiant Agents. In this one, the time traders find a whole alien space ship back in Earth’s past.

Galactic Derelict 3: There are comparatively few ways I feel the world is better now than in Jul 27, Jockum rated it liked it. When I got home, I regretted wasting my only money on a “stupid book. The jorton few chapters introduce a new character and are the weakest part of the book.


A trip through the galaxy at the mercy of ali A sequel to Time Tradersthe characters change slightly. Look at the food we eat, how ferelict of our budget is eaten by the simple act of eating a healthy diet and sleeping indoors. And that’s balactic in some cases, but in this case, the second book is quite different in focu Ross Murdock is a criminal, but has enough potential that instead of jail time, he’s offered the chance to work with the government on a secret project And someone or something unknown to our history is presenting them with te.

Galactic Derelict –

This book basically is a kitchen sink of everything nifty in science fiction, a fun ride following a batch of fairly interesting characters. There’s a hint of drelict antagonism — a chip on the shoulder attitude at the start — for Travis is an Apache but it has a negligible part in the story, though Travis’ background and training stand him in good stead.

The Defiant Agents 4: What problems would nortpn man encounter if he could go back to the early times of primitive man? I’m not rating the author, or even the story, but the book, mashed-together as it is, so I have to take that into account.

This is one of my favorites and I would give it 4.

In Galactic Derelict, Travis Fox stumbles on a time-travel project and has to be recruited for it; then he and his comrades take an involuntary trip aboard an alien starship that crashed on Earth before recorded history. At less than pages it doesn’t take up a lot of reading time. Mar 02, Jim rated andge really liked it. Not a bad prediction, but it still feels somewhat Cold Nortob.

It is listed on the cover as book 2 in the Ross Murdock series, but the main character is Travis Fox, an Apache Indian.