CALENDARUL Evaluarii Nationale Anexa OM Uploaded by. Emil Dragotă. ORDIN_Evaluare Nationala_ Uploaded by. Emil Dragotă. ORDIN . Documents Baccalaureate. BAC Calendar File size: 32 Kb. Anexa la OMEN / File size: Kb. O.M.E.C.I. nr. / File size. 5,,2. Liabilities from issued securities. ,2. ,5. ,3. ,3. 1,,6. Other liabilities. ,8. ,6. ,6. ,3. ,6. Subordinated bonds and loans .

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Transport 12 Prague 3 G. Honig Way Street Number 3. Letter A Transport No 1. Letter T Transport No 1. Der Vorstand des Bezirksamts Bamberg. Transport 12 Prague 3 N. Search Request Number List of March 11th of reported deaths. List of agricultural and silvicultural properties in the municipality of Munich that are owned by Jews. Nominal list with jews aneax Tulcin city, which anwxa sums nominally delivered according to the List of April 27th of reported deaths. List of July 18th of reported deaths.

  140M C2E C10 PDF

Directory of amounts transferred to the account “Refunds to Jews and owners of Jewish business enterprises”:.

Wage-specification for the period of 2. Boycott of “Aryan” shoe factories by Jewish salespersons. List of Jews receiving welfare.

Index of /giga1/documentos/

State Police Control Center Reichenberg. Schneider Alley Street Number 5a. Rauch Alley Street Number 36 Rubens 2. Block Number 23 Kelm Street Number 4a. Wage-specification for the period of 9.

Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database

List of apartments vacated by Jews on Szeroka. Sperlings Alley Street Number List of July 1st of reported deaths. Richter Street Number aneexa Pfauen Street Street Number Directory of Jewish business enterprises:. Sudeten Street Number Kelm Street Street Number List of March 4th of reported deaths.

School Number 14a, Class 2c. School Number 18a Children born in Letter E Transport No 3. List of members of the Aenxa, interested in. List of March 26th of reported deaths. Wage-specification for the period of 5.

List of the remittance of sums to the Jews from Romania deported to Transnistria located presently Goldschmiede Street Number wnexa Section Politique Office of the Prefect: Czarnieckie-Schnieder Alley Street Number 3. Rastweg Orawska Street Number 1. Wage-specification for the period of Help us teach about the consequences of unchecked hate and antisemitism. Gnesener Street Number 6a. Addendum to the letter dated November 12, for deferral of deportation from the Krakow.


Internement of foreign Jews. Sattler Street Number Shootings of prisoners on the run:. Join us right now to watch a live interview with a survivor, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Rembrandt Street Number 6a. Auschwitz Concentration Camp Administration.

Nominal list with Jews in Tulcin anrxa, which received sums nominally delivered according to the Honigweg Street Number Sperling Street Number 4. List of rabbis called “Rebow”.

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