This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. Author: ādi śaṅkarācārya. nityānandakarī varābhayakarī. Annapurna Stotram (or Annapoorna Ashtakam) is the prayer of Goddess Annapoorna, the Hindu god of food and nourishment. The Annapurna Stotram app. Annapurna Stotram with a clean audio for all devotee and with a lot of features. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 4 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. A Google user.

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You are the opener of the doors of emancipation and the presiding deity of Kashi.

Annapurna Stotram eng

The legend of Kasi Viswanath Temple in Varanasi is associated with the story that Siva built the temple there in her honour. You who are adorned with ornaments made up of different kinds of gems, wearer of golden-laced dress. You who are the giver of happiness obtainable through yoga, the destroyer of the enemies, and the cause of getting us stotra, rooted in righteousness.

There is also a mention about the deity in Kasikhanda by Srinatha, a Telugu poet of the 13th century. Your Divine splendor is like millions and millions of moons, suns and fires. The destroyer of all sins and the purifier, the Great Goddess. Please Mother Annapurna, grant us the alms of Your Grace. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. stotarm


You are annapurns daughter of Daksha, the most beautiful. It is believed that Mount Annapurna in the Himalayas is named after her as she is believed to be one of the daughters of Himavatthe king of the mountains.

Please grant us the alms of Your Grace, awaken within us Spiritual Knowledge and freedom from stotgam worldly desires. The Sri Annapurna Ashtakam composed by Shankaracharya is chanted by several devout Hindus around the world as a prayer for nourishment, wisdom, and renunciation. My relatives are the devotees of Lord Shiva, wherever they are in the three worlds.

Sree Annapurna Stotram Lyrics in Kannada and English With Meaning

The Divine Mother who is worshiped as the manifestation of all material things, including food, became angry. For surbahar player, see Annapurna Devi.

Annapurna Puja and Sahasranam. You are the directress of the divine play of creation, the flame of the lamp of true knowledge. Stotrwm goddesses Forms of Parvati Mother goddesses.

Seeing all the suffering, Mother Parvati was filled with compassion and reappeared in Kashi and set up a kitchen. You are the cause of our comprehension of the Sacred Scriptures, whose basic syllable is Om.

Annadhanam, the donation of food, is highly praised in Hinduism. Parvati came out as Annapurna and offered food to Siva at his doorsteps.

Annapoorna Stotram – In sanskrit with meaning

You fulfill the various wishes of the devotees and sustain the lives of people, and You are the presiding deity of Kashi. You have beautiful and dark braids of hairs flowing down like waves.


Her disappearance brought time to a standstill and the earth became barren. Hindu goddess of food and nourishment.

The donors of all riches, the bestower of the fruits of penance, and the presiding deity of Kashi. You are the Great Mother and an Ocean of Compassion. The lower left hand is depicted holding a vessel full of delicious porridge and the right with golden ladle adorned with various kinds of jewels.

Annapurna is derived from Sanskrit meaning the giver of food and nourishment. You are the conveyor of the visible and invisible divine attributes, the container of the primordial egg.

Retrieved 25 May Oh Parvati give me the alms of Your grace to, awaken within me spiritual knowledge, inner freedom, prosperity, and spiritual attainment. Skanda Purana written during the 7th century states the sage Vyasa was led to Varanasi by a curse and Annapurna came as a housewife and offered him food.

She is depicted with wristlet and golden jewellery which rest znnapurna the chest.