Outstanding collection of nearly crowd-pleasing mental magic feats Reprint of Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects, Holden’s Magic Shops, Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. some read an uplifting story, and others may watch an inspiring I have quotes placed anywhere that I can see.

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Guinn Inner circle “Great Scott! I was annemsnn, therefore, that my time might be best spent studying Corinda from start to finish in a fairly methodical way but ‘dipping into’ Annemann for ideas and inspiration.

Just to second everything Marelli said he’s such a wise old owl! Tony Corinda’s 13 Steps is an encyclopedic “how to” course in mentalism.

Guinn My Lybrary Page.

Jan 16, anneman If you are interested in mentalism classics you should also check “Mainly mental I” by C. Last year I sold my books on magic and mentalism over one hundred but, I kept 13 steps and Annemann’s Practical mental effects. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props and a willingness to learn from one of magic’s legendary figures. Corinda runs the dating agency you see all the potential.


Theodore Annemann – Wikipedia

Penguin Magic sells both of these books. For the life of me I will never understand how menal with a true love of this art could want to have anything less than a well roundedknowledge of it. Retrieved from ” https: This is NOT what should be done, especially with such books as Corrinda.

If you’re into mentalism, and trying to get into it like myselfget this book.

Magic Tricks

Take a look at our Return Policy. These and scores of other crowd-pleasers are here, each thoroughly explained and diagrammed, with insiders’ tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants and confederates, diversions — everything you need to make any trick a foolproof success.

Marked Cards reviews. I mean, what are the fundamental differences between the two titles? This book is considered a classic in practucal field of mentalism.

Yet another great source of mentalism. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. After I read some of the earlier posts talking about skimming 13 steps, it made me cringe. See a site map.

Annemann – Practical Mental Magic (2).pdf Download ( Pages | Free )

Theodore ‘Theo’ Annemann stage name Ted Anneman born Theodore John Squires February 22, — January 12, was an American professional magician who specialized in the field of mentalism.


I even use the book as a prop for The Yogi Book Test, found on snnemann Add it to your cart and let your education begin! Why would anyone in love with this art maic to have a half assed knowledge of it and even less experience within it. The problem with so many magicians is that they skim books to find “tricks” and then throw the books on the shelves.

Annemann – Practical Mental Magic (2).pdf

Cheerz – Gavin W. This is the first book I bought on mentalism and I was not disappointed. If you’re on a tight budget, watch e-bay and other secondhand sources; 13 Steps is a long-time classic, and often shows up in such places. The publication of this magazine ceased after Annemann’s death and copies of it have become collector’s items.

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I’ve just stumbled across this very old and dead thread and decided to bring it back to life!