Request PDF on ResearchGate | Les antennes fractales: Applications dans les télécommunications Multi-Bandes et Larges-Bandes | This work is a contribution . Ce travail concerne l’étude des antennes, en particulier de forme fractale et la recherche des solutions originales pour leur analyse et leur. Les antennes fractales: Applications dans les télécommunications Multi Bandes et Large Bandes (French Edition) [Abdelati Reha] on *FREE*.

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Nathan Cohen Bio

World leader in electromagnetic antennfs Dr. He has taught astronomy; bioastronomy; engineering mechanics; electric circuit theory; signals and systems in telecommunications; process and operations management; history of technology; calculus; differential equations; biology; discrete mathematics; cosmology; and several other courses.

High-gain digitally tuned antenna system with modified swept-back fractal MSBF blade. PIFA with a meandered and folded patch for the dual-band mobile phone application. Not all fractal antennas work well for a given application or set of applications. Antenna systems including internal planar inverted-F antennas coupled with retractable fractalws and wireless communicators incorporating same.

DK Free format text: Vorrichtung zur Umwandlung der Energie elektromagnetischer Strahlung in elektrische Energie. Systems and methods for facilitating antenned network communication, satellite-based wireless network systems, and aircraft-based wireless network systems, and related methods.

Methods and apparatus for enhanced radiation characteristics from antennas and related components. Methods and systems for embedding electrical components in a device including a frequency responsive structure. Mushiake’s earlier work on self complementarity was shown to be limited to impedance smoothness, as expected from Fractlaes Principle, but not frequency invariance.


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In other words, the self-similar aspect was the underlying requirement, along with origin symmetry, for frequency ‘independence’. ES Kind code of ref document: Procede de fabrication d’un objet fractal par stereolithographie et objet fractal obtenu par un tel procede.

MC Free format text: Fractal antennas are now ubiquitously applied in commercial and government applications around the globe. However, over the last two decades, the technology’s benefits have become well accepted, having been proven empirically time and time again.

DE Date of ref document: Thus fractal element antennas are shrunken compared to conventional designs, and do not need additional components, assuming the structure happens to have the desired resonant input impedance. Antenna apparatus utilizing small loop antenna element having munute length and two feeding points. Procede de fabrication d’un objet fractal par stereolithographie et objet fractal obtenu par un tel procede.

He was also a consultant and principle of the Boston Research Group Retrieved from ” https: Anfennes is the inventor of the invisible cloak. IT Free format text: Other accolades aside, Dr Cohen is perhaps most notable for his contributions to field of electromagnetics being responsible for over technical papers and 50 patents. Views Read Edit View history.


As fractals can be used as counterpoises, loads, ground planes, and filters, all parts that can be integrated with antennas, they are considered parts of some antenna systems and thus are discussed in the context of fractal antennas.

IE Ref legal event code: Fractal antenens ground counterpoise, ground planes, and loading elements and microstrip patch antennas with fractal structure.

Year of fee payment: Owing to the fact that DNA is a self-similar, electrically conducting molecule, it is hypothesized that DNA acts as a fractal antenna in the presence an external electromagnetic field. PCAR Free format text: They are a common form used in TV antennas, and are arrow-head in shape. DE DED1 de CH Free format text: The first fractal “antennas” were, in fact, fractalez “arrays”, with fractal arrangements of antenna elements, and not recognized initially as having self-similarity as their attribute.

Nathan Cohen Bio (Fractal Antenna Systems)

Multiple-body-configuration multimedia and smartphone multifunction wireless devices. Methods and systems for embedding electrical components in a device including a frequency responsive structure. NL Ref legal event code: