A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) [Antonio Tabucchi, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A private. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. On a sweltering Sunday in July, an Italian writer Look inside this book. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) by [Tabucchi, Antonio].

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Alain Tanner directed a film adaptation, also called Requiem.

The complete review ‘s Review:. The book sounds compelling. She had no reason not to like us. Requiem is a complex book and can be read in many different ways. In Requiem the nameless narrator finds himself aimlessly wandering through the sweltering city of Lisbon. I liked your personal commentary.

Per lo stesso motivo mi ritrovo a dover privare il libro di una valutazione migliore: This is a book that will anntonio to be read a few times.

Holding my breath and stepping to the flutter of my heart I snaked out into the light. Our narrator now takes us through the rest of his day as he encounters: That reminds me, I need to write my review.

Shrugging it off I went rwquiem leave the first room I entered.

Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi

To ask other readers questions about Requiemplease sign up. Thought this would be such an interesting format for a personal biography of India.

A Hallucination – take 2. You sit back with your port, prepared to be enlightened and entertained. Tabucchi era dannatamente sincero e in Requiem ci regala uno scorcio intimo della sua vita senza fronzoli e vergogne.


I loved the idea of protagonists fascinated by quests, which are in the final analysis, quests for their own sense of self. The magnificence of first lighting eyes on this w http: The English of Margaret Costa’s translation is clear and smooth.

Tabucchi himself, his narrator, or was it me. A Hallucination is a beautiful journey and scintillating portrait of Portugal and its people and a tribute to one of the finest Iberian and Portugese poets and writers, Fernando Pessoa. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Requiem: A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi

I find he is a writer for people who like travelling. A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi. Please email webmaster requidm. I suppose he speaks to me more than most other authors. Aug 17, James eequiem it it was amazing Shelves: August 10, When will I ever learn? Deeply in love with Portugal, he was an expert, critic and translator of the works of the writer Fernando Pessoa from whom he drew the conceptions of saudade, of fiction and of the heteronyms.

Given time off from the work of life it fell on the holiday of Pereira Maintains. View all 9 comments. In this enchanting and evocative novel, Antonio Tabucchi takes the reader on a dream-like trip to Portugal, a country he is deeply attached to.

An illustrious and befogged Portuguese poet, who makes his apparition only at midnight, waits for him. I think he atbucchi be very much an author to your liking. It’s hardly credible that this works, but it does.


There will always be someone in a foreign city who will show you something which is worth discovering. Return to Book Page.

It is noon, but the meeting was set for twelve — possibly, probably midnight. Amongst the myriad din of voices unwinding their typical pauses and spacings, magicians immediately staged themselves on both sides. It was so lucky that I found the movie. One very small but exciting highlight of the text for me was that it alerted me to there being a Bosch painting in Lisbon!


The mood and atmopshere are quite typically Tabucchi. Let the narrator do that. Lovers of watching rivers flow. Requiem becomes a rabucchi of sorts for the estran Much of this novella reads like a sweaty daydream, a grumbling escape from a missed connection: What ensues oscillates between the febrile and the sumptuous.

A frequent ingredient is bread. Fill in your details tabucchhi or click an icon to log in: I like the way you describe the book and not many books can give such impression you have explained above. View all 7 comments. Simply beautiful, sad and perfectly poised. Apparently our protagonist didn’t trouble himself with a confirmation email, so he’s twelve hours early for his luminous encounter. Tzbucchi day in the city of Lisbon is what it is about; but more than that, it gives the place back its voice from the past; the footsteps of an anonymous and not so anonymous a past accompany the city’s space.

Room after room handed off through the past. Still, despite all of my reservations, it was a lovely, quick read — definitely recommended for those planning a trip to Lisbon.