Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 17 Violin. $ 6 bids. 12 watching. It is missing a string. I see no cracks or repairs. This violin is an antique Antonius Stradivarius model. Made in Germany, over a years nt strings (Thomastik Infeld)It is in a very good. Then she came across a label inside the instrument that said: Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis; Faciebat Anno “I thought, now is this.

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Francesco and Omobono are referred to as being “startlingly poor” by John Dilworth in an online article on Tarisio.

It is estimated that Stradivari produced 1, instruments, of which were violins. Dictionnaire universel des luthiers. She also learned that in August, authorities helped recover a Stradivarius violin that someone had stolen from the violinist and teacher Roman Totenberg 35 years earlier.

Antonio Stradivari’s birthdate, presumably between andhas been debated amongst straduvarius due to the numerous inconsistencies in the evidence of the latter. Inunder unknown circumstances, Giuseppe Guarneri borrowed 1, lire from Stradivari and later defaulted on the loan.

Antonio Stradivari

Stradivari married his second wife, Antonia Maria Zambelli, on 24 August antknius Cozio, Tarisio and Vuillaume were the fathers of this frenzy that would extend well into the 21st century. Assuming that Stradivari was a student of Amati, he would have begun his apprenticeship in —58 and produced his first decent instruments inat the age of Highlights of the Ashmolean.


Archived from the original on 5 April Having the privilege to be exposed to Stradivari’s instruments through the Spanish court, he was experienced enough to replace the scroll of a Stradivari cello and possibly even make its back and ribs. Stradivari likely began an apprenticeship with Nicola Amati between the ages of 12 and 14, [12] although a minor debate surrounds this fact.

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National Museum of American History. First, he began to make violins with a larger pattern than previous instruments; these larger violins usually are known as “Long Strads”. Antonia Maria Zambelli m. Since thousands of instruments are based on Stradivari’s models straeivarius bear the same name as his models, many unwary people are deceived into purchasing forged Stradivarius instruments, which can be avoided by authenticating the instrument.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis; Faciebat Anno The violin is lined and has 4 corner blocks. The Hills Violin Shop estimate that Stradivari produced 1, instruments, of which were violins.

Stradivarius Violins | Smithsonian Institution

The tuning pegs do move, the tail piece is intact. Members of the Gagliano family such as Gennaro and Nicolo made excellent copies of the instruments in the s, stradivariuus the only similarity to Stradivari’s instruments were the execution of the form and arching as well as consistently fine and detailed varnish.


For example, inStradivari bought his youngest son a partnership in a local textile firm for the large antknius of 25, lire.

It is also estimated that around of these instruments survive, [47] including [48] to [49] violins. Haweis, My Musical Lifepp. To put this stradiavrius perspective, six violins were valued at approximately 1, lire. People find them in attics and crawl spaces, under beds and at garage sales.

Tuners, nut, neck, fretboard, and bridge are all in good condition. Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari, Three other children who had joined religious orders were left with their share of antoniuz Retrieved 16 September As people rediscover these instruments today, the knowledge of where they came from is lost, and the labels can be misleading.

Stradivari married his first wife, Francesca Ferraboschi, on 4 July The Smithsonian Institution, as a matter of legal and ethical policy, does not determine the monetary value of musical instruments.

The New Grove Violin Family. As people rediscover these instruments today, the knowledge of where they came from is lost, and the labels can be misleading. Henry Hill; Arthur F. The Heart of Music: