Class EPSTranscoder. extended by oderSupport extended by. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), metafile (both bitmap and vector), probably Current FOP distributions include a distribution of the Apache. The only, open source, way, I found, to create a svg image from eps is the Inkscape method xsi:schemaLocation=”

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It is automatically installed with FOP. I tried executing my java class. If no dimensions are given, FOP uses a default value of 72 dpi to compute the graphic’s dimensions. Instead, FOP uses the dimensions of the image as specified in the fo: For everything to work properly, the two should be equal.

Specifying bit color output may also help. Otherwise, text is converted and drawn as a set of shapes by batik, using the stroking text painter.

See TIFF for more details. Currently transparency is not supported in PDF so many svg images that contain effects or graphics apachd transparent areas will not be displayed correctly. Simply open the eps image and save apachf as a svg image file. Some bitmapped image file formats store a dots-per-inch dpi or other resolution value.

I executed your code. Is my approach of doing conversion in java is correct? However, many of them have not been tested, dps there may be limitations that have not yet been discovered or documented. Currently, SVG images are rendered with the dimensions specified in the SVG filewithin the viewport specified in the fo: Apart from that, resolution problems are in the image file itself, and must be corrected there: This can make the pdf files large and when the pdf is viewed the viewer does not normally draw those fine curves very well turning on Smooth Line Art in the Acrobat preferences will fix this.


JAI support is available for Release 0.

This format can be handled as an fo: Parts of the graphic such as effects, patterns and images are inserted into the PDF as a raster graphic.

The image is opaque. I have tested the code above with an url to an image file instead of an absolute file path on disk and it works. This is one way to solve this using java.

Is the filename you get an absolute path existing in your machine or accessible through the net? FOP provides support for two output targets: If only one dimension is given, FOP by default uses the same aspect ratio to compute the other dimension to avoid the appearance of stretching. FOP native limited support, see restrictions below.

The SVG standard leaves this issue as an implementation detail. Currently, the images are not automatically released when an OutOfMemoryError is fip. In my case there was no need to connect my ImageMagick installation to the java library but if that is the case; how is mentioned on their web-site. Chai has found a solution by himself, see elsewhere on this page. The explanation above describes only the basic default behavior.


FOP Graphics Formats

Sign up using Email and Password. In other words, within the constraints of the limitations listed here, these formats should work. With the open source utility software ImageMagick you can easily convert from one image format to another. Is there a better way?

I have the file in my aapache dir. My answer is updated above.

The only, open source, way, I found, to create a svg image from eps is the Inkscape method mentioned briefly below.

I just tried it and it made a beautiful conversion, keeping transparency, with a smaller file foot print.

EPSTranscoder (Apache FOP API)

Also, according to user reports, FOP’s native support for TIFF is limited to images with the following characteristics all must be true for successful rendering: Starting with version 0. This will be improved in the future.

Please see my code above. This means that the graphical objects created with this remain as vector graphics. If possible, Batik will use normal PDF text when inserting text.

We hope to improve this in the future. Font sizes are rounded to the next integer point size. I am getting this error: FOP will render the graphic at 4.