Apocalypse War Zone has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. Fabian said: Very Ultramarines. Much Necrons. The Ultramarines get the most attention. Apocalypse Warzone: Damnos – English Information. The Ultramarines return to the planet Damnos where Captain Sicarius was defeated by the Necrons to. Caleb with White Metal Games here and I have a product review for Damnos, Apocalypse War Zone. Since Damnos dropped at the same time.

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Hell, Uriel Ventris’ “victory” against the Nightbringer only worked because it was half starved, and even then it was used to show why appocalypse morality tends to horribly backfire on the heroes of the Imperium. Skip to main content. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. All it really boils down to is the Damnis Lords of Terra ordering the Ultramarines to take Damnos back for propaganda purposes and to establish the presence of a Deathwatch kill-team.

For fantasy we got Blood in the Badlands. Other offers may also be available. The first half of this story is given over entirely to detailing and explaining the original evacuation of Damnos from Nick Kyme’s novel and the previous codices, detailing a massive eamnos of information the reader already knows.

Apparently if the Pylon is destroyed then a model with a Str 6 or higher can use the Pylon as a gun emplacement with the interceptor rule. Page 36 has some Unnatural Disaster rules for apocalypde games that really nail the flavor of Damnos damn well. While they don’t stoop so far as to edit old THQ images in Photoshop, it’s still one of the worst examples of late. On page 26 and 27 a list of units used for this first battle is included.

Buy the selected items together This item: Estimated on or before Tue. This is an honest to goodness supplement for the Apocalypse rule set. Cully rated it it was ok Nov 03, Whatever side you stand on whether you favour this new interpretation or not, the removal of their old Cthulhu worshiping unstoppable threat nature has left them vulnerable to being jobbed like this.


The problem is that this seems more like something which would be a stop-gap measure, something to be wae by the necrons as they overtake the world. It’s falling back into the old failing of treating one side as the heroes and the other as the villains rather than treating them as two armies on a campaign, and any losses on the Ultramarines’ part are rapidly swept under the rug.

Please note, If you wish to use War Zone Damnos to play games, you will also need a copy of Warhammer 40, Page 34 makes a note that you should feel free to use these rules in other Apocalypse Battles, in the spirit of Forging the Narrative. Warhammer Shield of Baal Exterminatus Hardcover.

Apocalypse War Zone: Damnos, hardback supplement for Warhammer 40,000

Learn More apoclypse opens in a new window or tab International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

The new formations are interesting, the new rules are sone, and it has a few nice pieces of art. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. Hardcover68 pages. Apocalypse and the Warhammer 40, rulebook. David rated it liked it Mar 01, Clan Raukaan, this would be a standard on how not to do things. No i’m completely in agreement with you, and to be honest the victory here wouldn’t have been so bad if the Ultramarines had at least earned it.

James rated it really liked it Dec 09, Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Danmos international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. It’s an excellent image which has rarely been re-used since an old White Dwarf issue, so that’s more excusable than grabbing everything in sight from the last five years.

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Warhammer 40k Apocalypse War Zone Damnos Hardcover 40 | eBay

The Transcendant C’tan I also like a lot because they are the kind of cosmic horror that the C’tan used to be, the kind that can turn damnps small titan like a knight to ash just by thinking about it, having one get taken out by one Vortex Grenade really cheapens their effect. For example, one of the big terrain threats on Damnos are the Gremlin Guns. Sign up for newsletter. Gosh, why would anyone read that.


Each War Zone is based on a famous apoalypse from the history of ear Warhammer 40, universe and describes the course of the war, the famous battles that were part of it, and the combatants that took part. This said I knew going into the book that the Necrons were going to lose, and I wasn’t bothered by that, what bothered me is just how they lost which I think you already covered really welland the aftermath, first and foremost, what Sicarius did is possibly the single dumbest thing anybody could have done short of giving the Tyranids a apocalypss pass to Terra.

So if you are interested in getting a copy of Damnos, you may want to buy while you still can. Page 35 has a few simple yet evocative rules for terrain on a Damnos table. Thank you none the less though. If people thought Draigo was bad, this thing is going to dmnos on a rampage which would utterly eclipse his own efforts against Chaos. Things aren’t made much better by the tactics of the Ultrmarines, who seem to be capable of running rings around the necrons and easily screwing them over.

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Just for comparison, when the book finally moves onto the Ultramarines trying to retake the planet, the entire background to the campaign is breezed over in effectively two pages.

Oh good Lord, I remember seeing this when it was released and being VERY happy my store had a policy where they allowed you to read the book before buying it.

I can just imagine someone like Calgar swinging the pylon around and taking aim at a Necron ship flying past. This book contains a detailed background of the Damnos Incident as well as damnod reports, miniature showcases, 4 new Apocalypse missions, 9 new strategic assets, and 22 new Apocalypse datasheets detailing key formations used by the Ultramarines and Necrons.