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Prohemium, Libri I-IVed. Andersen, Metaphysik im Barockscotismus: Some bibliographers, such as Bernardo di Bologna treat the four volumes of the work as independent treatises on the Credo first rormalithe sacraments second volumethe commandments third volume and prayer fourth volume respectively.

Convent preacher, lector of theology and definitor. See on all this the Quaracchi edition, as well as: Bonaventura de Sisteron Bonaventure de Sisteron, fl.

Marie Bologna, Battista was renowned for her ascetical lifestyle, her exuberant Passion devotion and her devotion towards the Sacred Heart. Took the Capuchin habit at Ypres, on 14 November Franciscan friar from Bologna.


Wersja polsko-lacinska, Czesc II: A second, much enlarged revised two-volume edition was prepared but apparently never saw the printing press.

Benet of Canfield’s Rule of perfectionwhich included a modern English translation of the Rule of perfection. Became a theology professor and provincial definitor for the San Gregorio province in the Philippines. Repertorium fontium historiae medii aevi primum ab Augusto Potthast digestum, nunc cura collegii historicum e pluribus nationibus emendatum et auctumXI Vols Rome: Joined the Observant branch of the order while studying at the arts faculty of Perugia ininfluenced by the preaching of Giovanni da Capistrano.

She also was an acknowledged visionary and mystic. Teologia mistica del serafico dottore S. Bullarium Capuccinorumed.

Bernardinus de Madrid Bernardino de Madrid, fl. See for instance the Tractatus Septiformis de Moralitatibus of Marcus of Orvieto see on this in particular the studies of Heinz Meyerand Baudouin van den Abeele.

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Entered the order in The work gives exact definitions of sins. Born at Cavalesio Tirolon 26 December Born at Cabra Mexico. Inat the general chapter held at Rome under Givanni da Capistrano, Bartolomeo was elected guardian of the Aracoeli convent; a position he telria to keep for three terms.


Opera contro i luterani e calvinisti, nella quale sono condannati i loro errori: Review AFH 96]; B. De Conformitate Vitae B. Bonaventura da Bagnoreggio ca.

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Made bishop of Cuba inas the successor of Antonio Diaz who was transferred to Nicaragua. Bartolomeo apparently left behind a large number of sermons for Advent, Lent and the feasts of Saints, as well as philosophical and theological works, the whereabouts of which have dek yet been traced.

Saggi sul pensiero filosofico di Bartolomeo Mastri Cursus Theologicus ad mentem Serafici Doctoris S. Born in Piemonte and member of the Observantist province of Genua.

Later, inhe acted in Rome as the negotiator for the interests of the prince-elect of Mainz. In time, Bartolomeo tried to convince the ecclesiastical authorities that he was again fully orthodox.

Studied natural sciences and theology at Oxford under Robert Grosseteste. Basilio was an accomplished linguist and wrote several linguistic and catechetical works for Chinese Christians. Maria degli Angeli Meditationi apunti la vita di N.