2 component, flexible, cementitious mineral-based waterproofing slurry against ground, seepage (fluctuating) and backwater. For new and existing buildings in. AQUAFIN®-2K/M was developed due to a demand for a truly flexible coating, not only in terms of physical properties, but also in terms of applications and. Aquafin 2K/M is two-component and resistant to water, moisture and abrasion. Its liquid mixing component is solvent free. In Stock – Same Day Shipping.

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Seesteg Hotel, Nordeney, Germany More…. Hospice in Lubica, Slovakia More…. Primate Center Goettingen, Germany More…. Ondrej Nepela ice stadium, Bratislava, Slovakia More….

Kopcany sewage treatment plant, Slovakia More…. Waterproofing work in a canteen in Stryi, Ukraine More…. Description 2 component, flexible, cementitious mineral-based waterproofing slurry against ground, seepage fluctuating and backwater.

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Lietuva sanitarium, Lithuania More…. Dissen active pool, Germany More…. Balcony restoration in Dorsten, Germany More…. Ishara sport and leisure pool, Bielefeld More….

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Resistant to de-icing salts. For new and existing buildings in the building and civil engineering sector, for interior and exterior use as well as beneath tiles. Planning and installation guide for tile, natural stone and screed installation. Potable water tower in Imatra, Finland More….

Tested for water impermeability to DIN against water aggressive to concrete up to XA2 level of attack. Club house and swimming pool in Iloilo, Philippines More….

Divan residence in Istanbul, Turkey More…. Cementitious waterproofing slurries in waterproofing.

New Palace fountain, Potsdam, Germany More…. Olympic swimming arena in Szczecin, Poland More…. The Mountain ski centre, Russia More…. Lahn-Dill highland spring, Germany More…. Sewerage treatment plant, Slovakia More…. Hydrotherapy centre, Bratislava, Slovakia More…. Sundance square, fountains, USA More…. Application Guide Book on: Graft-Therme Delmenhorst, Germany More….


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Hotel Arcadia in Bratislava, Slovakia More…. Refuse incineration plant in Olsztyn, Poland More…. Four Seasons hotel and residence, Morocco More….

Divan Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey More…. Declaration of Performance DoP.

Suitable as a bonded waterproof membrane for water penetration classes W0-I to W3-I without chemical impact to DIN part 3; in external areas on balconies, loggia etc. Park Oran in Ankara, Turkey More…. Leopoldov sewerage works, Slovakia More….

Schomburg Vietnam

Also for use in channels, manholes and swimming pools. Aqua-Sole swimming pool, Kitzingen, Germany More…. Fountain at the Theatre in Minsk, Belarus More….

Mann Hann residence aquafiin Alvonso, Philppines More…. Rehabilitation centre, Luxembourg More….