Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McKenna, Terence K. The archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual re- . Cited by the L.A. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terrence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant racon. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of was undergoing what he called an “archaic revival”.

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These shamanistic songs that are sung are not intend- ed to be heard, they are intended to be seen by other people who are in- toxicated. What already existing metaphysical map would describe this? Well, it just may not be possible to solve the problems of the twentieth century and make a buck at the same time. Finnegans Wake is a book that, in some sense, tries to climb into the world and be instead an autonomous event tterence.

Arthur asked how, then, he could be expected to im- prove it. A compilation of essays and interviews spanningThe Archaic Revival is a thoroughly satisfying overview of McKenna’s signature ideas, ranging from the evolutionary importance of shamanism, time wave theory, “novelty,” linguistics, deep ecology, the reviavl of history, ufos as holographic projections from the future, and the symbiotic relationship between hallucinogenic plants and man.

I would make an utterance, then you and I would stand revivla regard this utterance from all angles. One is playing with colored balls; reival has become the Aeon.

The Archaic Revival

The lifetimes of many individuals come and go, but nature acts from the point of view of the species, and, on that scale, hardly a moment has passed since there was nothing happening on this planet except the chipping of flint and pharmacology.

It is surprising how few people are familiar with it, for we live in a society that is absolutely obsessed with every mckennx of sensation imaginable and that adores every therapy, every intoxication, every sexual configuration, and all forms of media overload.

Kuri-coo is a much less-known substance. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of his second book, was the idea that Western civilization was undergoing what he called an “archaic mceknna. This last criteria is the most narrow, because mescaline won’t get through that.


The Archaic Revival By Terence McKenna

Recommended to Erik by: While we are on the track of exploring existing cosmologies, how do you see the Christ mind? The individual lines of the I Ching are made up of both Yin jckenna lines and Yang solid lines. In other words, not only DMT and ayahuasca and the more exotic Amazonian substances, but also psilocybin, which is probably the most widely experienced of these drugs.

McKenna soon became a fixture of popular counterculture [5] [6] [37] with Timothy Leary once introducing him as “one of the five or six most important people on the planet” [41] and with comedian Bill Hicks ‘ referencing him in his stand-up act [42] and building an entire routine around his ideas.

Trivia About The Archaic Revival. Twenty-five years ago I began to grapple with the realization that exploring the “Wholly Other” was related to shamanism.

Archived from the original on October 16, High Frontiers Interview 26 with Will Noffke 3. So it is the form of the mind that the shaman works with: Unless you terencw your language and enter into these cultures entirely, you will always have the point of view of a stranger and an outsider.

Indeed, psilocybin is a psychoactive tryptamine. archzic

Refival societies have been on a decentralizing ben- der for five hundred years, concluding that the earth is not the center of the universe and man is not the beloved of God.

It lifted me out of my ‘intellectual Kansas’ so to speak, haha! If this can happen on DMT, it means it is at least, under some circumstances, accessible to human beings.

Instead, I take a very premodem view: Visuals by Rose-X Media House. The subject is inherently fascinating and important, and as such warrants serious interest and study. And, though I am troubled by how freely Bell’s nonlocality theorem is tossed around, nevertheless the alien intel- lect on the other side does seem to be in possession of a huge body of in- formation drawn from the history of the galaxy.


This Baconian collecting of data, with no assumptions about what it might eventually yield, has pushed me to a number of conclusions that I did not anticipate. Yesterday, Stan Grof brought up the notion of the “psychoid. Similarly, the evolution of technical intelligence on the surface of the planet, while new, is not unnatural. Shamans are not normally allowed to have any political power, because they are sacred.

It is a very strange person and has many bizarre opinions.

The basis of the theory was originally conceived in the mids after McKenna’s experiences with psilocybin mushrooms at La Chorrera in the Amazon led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I Ching. Migration of coincidence, synchronistic meshing of the exterior and interior flow of events, are phenomena that can be repeatedly triggered with these compounds.

Sexuality is the glory of the living experi- ence, and revivwl forth and so on. Among the pre-Buddhist shamans was there drug use? We are not primarily biological, with mind emerging as a kind of iridescence, revjval kind of epiphenomenon at the higher levels of organization of biology.

The New York Times. Both are acrhaic present in everything, yet the amount of influence of each varies over time. To truly alter conditions, we must alter ourselves — philosophical- ly, psychologically, and, perhaps, biologically.

The Archaic Revival By Terence McKenna – Psychedelic Press UK

And the nuclear death and the life-affirming factors are so inextricably intertwined that it will remain a horse race right up until the last moment. Experimenters should be very careful. Arcuaic have moved our- selves out toward the edge of the galaxy, when the fact is that the most richly organized material in the universe is the human cerebral cortex, and the densest and richest experience in the universe is the experience you are having mckenan now.