Luohan Quan or the Arhat Boxing originated from the Shaolin-style boxing. It has been called the hand tricks of Arhat, which consisted of 18 combating skills. Luohan (罗汉) is a term originating from Buddhism and is called Arhat (अर्हत) . Yongfu Luohan Quan (永福罗汉拳, Arhat Boxing from Yongfu, Fujian Province). Shaolin LuoHan (Arhat) Boxing [Geng Jun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully.

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They blend a series bpxing movements, actions and skills o f the martial arts and try to confuse their opponents with special skills which often lead them to surprise triumphs. It tends more towards hardness than suppleness and its stances are comfortably spread and extended.

Arhat Boxing Kung Fu Teaching Video English Subtitles 1 DVD

Desire understanding, must strengthen the body and soul, is easy to have. There are two propositions about the name of this school of boxing.

I want to apply for a Kungfu school in China. Shaolin boxing styles “Shaolin boxing styles are very divers and complex. Monk Shi Deqian, in his efforts to document Shaolin martial arts collected 8 forms of the 18 hands of Luohan into bxing “Encyclopedia of Shaolin martial arts”.

He captured a arhst of mantis and took them home. The basics of this school include waist technique, leg technique, shoulder technique as well as standing skills and hitting skills.


After he taught others the style was known as Xiangdian in consideration of its origins with Master Fang. Boxinv are elaborated upon in the next section. The lineage in brief is as follows: They were to guard the Dharma. The main means of septate, forced, Chong, flash, point, lift, pressure, hook, copy, throwing. English Choose a language for shopping.

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: Small Arhat Boxing: Shi Deyang: Movies & TV

Luohan Quan was created by monks in the Shaolin Temple from watching and imitating the different forms and expression of the different Arhat statues in the temple, and through meditation. Get China tour information and book the service online.

The best in the contemporary boxong was Maestro Miao Xing. Over centuries, this school of boxing is now practised in different styles. Besides the Shaolin Luohan styles, there are many Luohan-related styles that have been developed in many other areas of China. It hides its combative skills and blows in the Arhat-like actions. There are two other propositions about the origin of the mantis boxing.

This set contains three sections of 18 methods, totalling They move in unconnected steps but with a flexible body combining hardness and suppleness.

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Luohan quan – Wikipedia

The original Luohan Quan was called the form Arhat boxing which was improved and developed through years of practice. The two fought a practice bout. Articles containing Chinese-language text. Small Arhat Boxing has been added to your Cart. Since Master Xi was already versed in indigenous boxing methods of Zhejiang and the styles close resemblance of that, it is likely that this style really took the concept of Luohan but consists of local boxing methods therein.


The major five schools are as follows: As an estimation of the diversity, just notice that Shaolin monk Shi Degen taught 3 seemingly different versions to 3 of his disciples, Liu Zhenhai, [10] p [22] Shi Yongwen, [21] p and Zhu Tianxi. It should be difficult to tell whether the hits are substantial or empty.

Shaolin Luohan 18 hands and Luohan quan are always praised as the root styles based on which most the Shaolin kung fu styles and many other non-Shaolin styles have been created. There are three empty hand sets: Zui Quan can be used for both fighting and maintaining health. Later he travelled throughout the country and met with many Wushu masters.

This style of boxing also comes from the plum blossom mantis boxing. It uses hidden, rather than obvious hardness and resorts more to inner forces. Small Arhat Boxing video. Shaolin monks developed Luohan quan as an advanced style based arhaat the 18 hands of Luohan. Enlightenment Nirvana is one of the first concepts of Buddhism.