Many a times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from aquariums and raise them thinking that it is a guarantee that it will develop rich red colored scales. Check it out, I went through it, was happy with it and decided to buy the Arowana Secrets Revealed E-Book. It is very useful, especially for. Arowana Secrets Revealed | *Breakthrough* Guide on Arowana care and Here are 3 Arowana care tips to ensure that you have a tank suitable for your.

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Really cool fish to interact with. I am about to give you the key to insider breeding techniques rarely revealed outside of Southeast Asia that will have you shaking your fist at how many bad advice and misconceptions you have received with regards to keeping an Arowana.

RTG crew checking in, too bad they are illegal in the states. I have personally advised and helped customers brought up Asian Arowanas of all types with great success over the last 13 years as a hobby. My focus is on keeping it affordable for you to rear your own Arowana with great success.

Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed – Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips

Although they take longer to reach maturity than any arodana species Arowana or the Saratogas as Australian Arowanas are called is in danger. Add to Wish List.

Consider lodging a ray enlarge or opposed to a specimen of young, small adults. It is my dream that more people around the world will be adequately educated about Arowanas and spread the passion.

Let’s not forget that this dragon fish has a matching personality! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Any person relying on any of the information contained on this web site or making any use of the information contained herein, shall do so at its own risk. I’ve bought close to 5 Arowanas from aquariums, only to find out that most of them were giving me very general tips on how to take care of my precious pet.


If I’m not overjoyed by my results in that time, I’ll get every single penny I invested back, no questions!

It is believed by the Chinese people the Arowana can distinguish friend enemy. Many seasoned Arowana owners will learn this the hard way but your Arowana will fall sick or become stressed at some point in time.

This is not even a decision. In no event shall ArowanaSecrets.

Check out this brilliant red Arowana community tank. Saratogas South were aorwana established in non-native Lakes and dams in other regions of the South. The asians rear this beauty as a symbol of status, wealth and good luck. Lorsque arowsna plan a fish at your local fish store purchase, observed on site for several days and weeks that he is sain. Originally Posted by musD. In Southeast Asian countries, the Arowana is often kept in places of business because it believes that the fish will bring prosperity.

By far, most accessible to amateurs freshwater rays directly hail from the Amazon basin. When you place your Arowana fish is very important to make happy and healthy, is why you must make afowana that you have an aquarium that is appropriate to your pal extremely expensive fish.

Not only have I solved the droop eye problem, I’m arowanaa also changing my feeding patterns to enhance the natural colors of my silver. Wild, Arowanas are known to leap out of the water up to 2 secres in air. I can’t believe how simple things done right is doing wonders for my Red-Tail Golden Arowana.

Would own if I had an aquarium. I have just launched this book and I want to accumulate more success stories and real-life testimonials from actual customers. I hope that these tips will be useful for you, but these are just some things basis you need to know care Osteoglossidae.


This offer will only last until I get all the testimonials I’m looking for So get in now, while this offer is still available. So don’t miss out. Unless you have a very large reservoir or pond, keeping only a single Australian Arowana and keep a particular variety North minimum. Il is appendices are barbed to end and functionality of secrefs venom glands.

Here is one I came across titled Arowana Secrets Revealed: The Arowana sometimes spelled arawana or aruana is one of the most popular fish among fans of fish; in particular in Sercets.

Sections of this page. Les two are generally available for purchase at the much more modest than Asian Arowanas price.

Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed – Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips |

Cela preference must be checked regularly to make sure that your Arowana is not evil at ease; not only that, if ph levels are not quite right, then it could render your fish lethargic and subject to the maladies. I’m writing to thank you for the great book. When it comes to Arowana care, I prefer to use the bare minimum amount of equipment and additives in order to keep your setup simple with very little maintenance.

I would have never expected Arowanas to be so easy to rear. Scleropages jardini are usually called Saratogas North or Pearl Arowanas. Fish and Fishing Price: I had to learn it the hard way too.