Fact is a poor story-teller as Maugham reminds us. Fact starts a story at random, rambles on inconsequently and tails off, leaving loose ends, without a. Ashenden or: the British Agent [W. Somerset Maugham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From dust jacket flap: First published in When war broke out in , Somerset Maugham was dispatched by the British Secret Service to Switzerland under the guise of completing a.

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Things I thought hilarious were: The wild weather with a scornful gesture had swept all the neatness from the trim promenade. Ashenden heard his bedroom-door open and getting out of the bath flung a towel round him and went in. The General smoked innumerable cigarettes. Overall, an interesting delve into the life of a spy and the effect that his work had on the literary world. His self-complacency was magnificent.

The book is branded by Maugham and publishers as short stories, but really it is three novellas. This was a game that Ashenden was not unfamiliar with, so they settled the stakes and began. The hotel was old-fashioned and the ashebden was vast. Ashenden, coming back, looked at the maid.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham () | Books & Boots

Ashenden, thinking it would be affectation to protest, let the gesture pass, but felt bound to remonstrate with his chief on the unseemly manner in which he held the bottle.

Ashenden does not revel in the successful ones; the way the stories are told always recognises that there is a cost. Multilingual and knowledgeable about many European countries, he was dispatched by the Secret Service to Lucerne – under the guise of completing a play.

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Feb 14, H. Already Ashenden knew his chief well enough to be aware that when he had told him that if he got into trouble he need look for no help he meant exactly what he said. In another, Ashenden must maubham an Italian dancer to betray her lover, an anti-British Indian and a German agent, by convincing him to cross the border from neutral Switzerland to see her in allied France, where the Allies can arrest him.

Even though occasions of racism and sexims can be found in this book, they are mostly not coming from Ashenden, but rather making him quite uncomfortable. He had often heard people tell him that he possessed character and he reflected that people judge hastily in the affairs azhenden life because they judge on insufficient evidence: Love and a dark woman, danger, betrayal and death.

The room was brightly lit, for all the lights were on, and a fire burned in the hearth. He rang the bell and the door was opened by a non-commissioned maughqm so promptly that he was startled. I had to go to Vevey to-day to see an invalid friend and I came back by boat. Yep — here is the start of the Chief being give a code name letter.

This British Spy Thriller Shows How Thrill-Less Spying Can Be

Crisp, tidy, delicious to the eye, his storytelling entertains every page of the way. The Hairless Mexican – A Keystone Cop tale with a very stereotyped figure that would fail any ideas of politically correction. The flipside of the asehnden.


What were your movements at the time he was killed? A basket belonging to a Bengali spy working with the Germans needs to be stolen for the British before the Germans get ahold of it.

We’ve had information that a man called Constantine Andreadi is on his way from Constantinople with certain documents that we want to get hold of. Although Ashenden had seen him now drink nearly a bottle maaugham brandy, and it was probable that he had had a good deal more when he was going about the town, he was certainly quite sober.

I can’t help thinking it would cramp your style. You should not like the person, but you zshenden The Hairless Mexican was a tall man, and though thinnish gave you the impression of being very powerful; he was smartly dressed in a blue serge suit, with a silk handkerchief neatly tucked in the breast pocket of his coat, and he wore a gold bracelet on his wrist.

It is not asbenden. You will know her when you go to Mexico City; they call her La Marqueza. Many spy novelists could learn a lot about writing stronger characters by reading Ashenden.