AUSTRALIA’S peak nutrition body has slammed Gold Coaster Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet Plan as one of the worst diets in the country. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals plans are flawed.

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Ill post how I go in this thread.

The meal plan is based around her own binew diet This is where things go wrong. I’m going to loosely follow her plan, there are some things I don’t agree with like not drinking milk Carbs aren’t bad, you need carbs, dairy isn’t bad you need calcium.

This was quite disappointing.

Ms Bines said her team could not understand what the DAA was referring to and her guidelines gave reasonable advice such as eating chicken breast over chicken mince. Meals are awesome, guidelines provide you diwt all the info and skills to develop a great meal plan which I love because vines actually gets you to understand the foods you are eating and why, its not just a silly meal plan you follow for x amount of weeks.

Nessabella 30 May 6: Yesterday marked my third week on the program and my results are amazing. The main thing that made me want to try this system was [Name removed]!

Also it would be great to include the protein powder as part of the package. I loved this plan. I have only just heard the news that Penny Cook died from cancer last night aged I called the other day and they said it should be here soon.


Diet Plan – Page 6 – Ashy Bines Exposed

Im on day 15 the plan is simple no gimmicks or weird food combinations or starving your self just simple clean foodsI’m enjoying it however cutting down on fruit my weakness I have such a sweet toothtrying to ween myself off gradually so may not be following the plan exactly but have noticed a flatter plam, and some back fat has gonewoop can’t wait for what the next few weeks has in store.

I love the concept of the new Garnier Fresh-Mix sheet masks. I may add, though: There are so many mixed reviews on her guide, I just finished reading this one here at http: This site uses cookies. There are no miracle guidelines to eating clean people. When people asked her for support she said you can find it on google.

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

I have sent 3 emails. There’s soooo much wrong with it legally, nutritionally, ethically. Her meal plan has been ranked as one of the worst diet plans that exists along with the Lemon Detox diet and SkinnyMe Tea detox which are just as bad for you.

I’ve also gotten a gym membership to help me get the results I want faster. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ashy Bines doesn’t last long. Within one week I can already notice significant differences – my stomach feels flatter, im fitting into my clothes better, skin is clearer and i’m not having any sugar cravings. I purchased this online several years ago. I have been working out for over 8 years now and I never ate right. Your trust is our top concern.


Thank God after the backlash she updated the guidelines and added recipes. I was super excited about purchasing this plan and it was a HUGE let down. PrettyPrincess 14 Aug 1: I do think she has marketed herself very well so good on her, and alot of people seem to be getting results. Before I started I was quite concerned about the food not being filling eno I followed Ashy’s guidelines exactly and even have come up with clean recipes of my own.

Ashy does have some kick ass classes by the looks of it though. TaraLeeCupcake 30 May 5: Then made fun of me when I messaged her personal page for help!! So I decided to do a lot more research on this and have been presented with quite a large amount of information over the past week.

With minimal exercise I lost 20kg by following the guides.

Police investigate fatal stabbing. Ashy bines plan was on aca a few months back, lots of people complaining it was a complete waste of money. Notify me of new comments via email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Can’t wait to start! I get why wshy are complaining about the eating guidelines but I’ve found that the bootcamps are really quite separate from the Nines stuff. I love your clean eating plan, it is working for me, wish I had known about this sooner.