INTERNSHIP REPORT ON ASKARI BANK LIMITED . the Bank had equity of Rs. which in turn has resulted in increased competition. 1. Lahore. This internship report includes a complete introduction, performance and financial analysis of the statements of the Askari Bank Limited. Internship Report 1 ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Department of Business Administration INTERNSHIP REPORT ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED.

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The efforts in this regard are put into practice a completely efficient banking system that not only meets the economic justice but also the Sharia standards. Procedure Business Administration Page 34 of opening foreign currency account is same as other accounts. No excise duty is charged and procedure of issuance and payment is same as pay order.

Due to this type of financing the farmer is able to purchase modern farming machinery that is both cost saving and also increases the per acre rrport and in doing so also helps the farmer to increase the quality of their crop to match or compete with international standards prevailing elsewhere that helps them in the export of their agricultural products. Unsecured advances do not have any tangible security.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited

There are various departments working under the policies of ban, bank. Clubs, Bsnk and Association Accounts. Help Center Find new research papers in: Export mainly deals in Negotiation of documents, Sending the documents for collection, Pre-shipment, Post-shipment financing, Remittance against agent axkari, Forward covered booking, Handling the documents for negotiation, Handling the documents for collection, E form.

The management at Askari Bank believes in the customer and not so much in the product and are always more than willing to alter or tailor their products to repprt the needs of the customer because at the end of the day a happy customer is all that matters. This is a very easy and secure loan option for salaried individuals who are willing to secure short term loan for relatively small expenditures.

A distinctive investment, delivering outstanding performance, return and value. Although the staff in charge of handling technical operations is highly trained, technical knowhow in lower levels is still not that much, the bank needs to make arrangements in order to promote this in the lower levels.


Internship Report on Janata Bank Limited. This ratio which is subject to seasonal fluctuations is used to measure the ability of an enterprise to meet its current liability out of its current asset.

Difference when LC is Available: Accounts department deals with all other departments of bank. Like pay oeders erport demand draft etc. The scope of the system also spans the development and management of Bank’s business and activities on regional basis.

Askari Bank Limited ltd. Internship Report

Recent floods have put a lot of pressure on the economy of Pakistan. For most of these ratios, having niternship higher value relative to a competitor’s ratio or the same ratio from a previous period is indicative that the company is doing well. I performed following tasks in this department: First step in account opening procedure is filling of account opening form.

There are also some other global challenges such as climate changes e. Earning per share is increased. Askari Bank Sahiwal Branch also working under various departments which are working for the convenience of their customers.

It provides all help in all fields of loans, mortgages etc. A through briefing followed by a vigorous routine are the characteristics of a banking job and my internship was no different where we were given large loads of deport while keeping us motivated with learning throughout the course of our internship.

This unique type of account is there to cater to the investment needs of individuals who need profits right away on their medium term investments and in doing so the customer receives the entire profit of their investment straight away at the time of placement. Before the disbursement of finance securities must be obtained and all other formalities must be completed.

It provided me with ample guidance and experience about the banking sector which I consider to be a possible career choice for myself. A wide variety of services are offered to the corporate customers which range from working capital facilities, term loans, letters of guarantee and credit, bill discounting and export financing etc.

Caring for our people and helping them to grow Service: Actual performance of employees is compared with expected performance through internal audit branch manager and operation manager and external audit is being held by state bank of Pakistan. In clearing house the daily transaction are keep when the checque are ban. It must boost its marketing efforts and introduced the intelligence system to make up its faults. All banks avail the facility of NIFT. Limit of facility is called summing.


A technology transformation show that the bank has embarked upon is an advance and vast stage of implementation. Before honouring instruments are scrutinized. It is advisable that a banker should not open new accounts of unknown person unless banker obtains as much information as possible about the character and integrity of the person his name, address and the person.

Profit Advances and Mark up Revenue: Bank is providing broad product lines and customer need based services.

The pay-in-slip along with the instrument is passed on to the concerned authorized checking officer for his signature on the pay-in-slip and discharge. Despite having a state of the art computerized management system the staff still relies on traditional hand written book keeping along with electronic entries with the excuse that electronic systems are not always reliable and this activity of theirs wastes time. Last portion of my report is consist on ratio analysis, SWOT analysis, Conclusion and recommendation.

In which bank funds are not involved. The Bank is a Scheduled principally engaged in the business of banking as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, Technological improvement through investment in technology. The most interesting thing which I see the ATM machine facility of this department through the ATM the burden of payments is not much make to me.

My report is based on my learning experiences at Askari Bank Limited and how this experience has boosted professionalism and understanding in me.

Promotions system is slow and as a result creates dissatisfaction among employees. During this year bank showed excellent improvement over the previous year although non-conductive business conditions prevalent most of Advances which are for one year or are short term are more preferred by bank than long term finance because it has less risk. By strengthening the capital intenship of economy askari bank is playing an important role to increase production capabilities.

Accounts intermship also manages budget of branch and approves budget teport head office for additional expenses and maintains record of all vouchers.

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