Assassins in Love. Kris DeLake. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ mass market ( p) ISBN Agent: Rikki Profile: Rogue assassin who kills only to rid the world of hardened criminals. Hates organizations. Always does it her way. Love becomes a matter of . Read “Assassins in Love” by Kris DeLake with Rakuten Kobo. A fast, edgy, and passionate story.” —Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author When.

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A Spy To Die For

The story makes it simple to follow Rikki and Misha through time because it is divided into three, clearly marked sections. Misha is a black and white, paint in the lines, by the book, kriis I have a bit of mixed feelings about this book. My favorite piece of slight-of-hand was the setup for legal assassinations. A Spy to Die For is a fast paced and suspense filled romance between two people who know how to kick butt and take names.

And in a romance, either the hero or heroine has to be, or want to assassons, the nice hopeful optimistic one. I wish the people who do the covers actually either knew this information, or paid attention to it. It knocked the fun factor down just a bit. That really sums up the whole experience of the book, too. I liked A Spy to Die For; the characters are fun and the setting mostly spaceships and space ports is interesting. Unfortunately, the rest of the book is a long, meandering third person subjective expository slog that shifts The title is a gimme that this is going to be light fair.


They are both assassins, but he is a member of the Guild, and Rikki operates alone. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It goes on like that for the next couple hundred pages without really anything more dramatic happening than a few lunch dates. The Fire ,ris Lover.

Is that a man she’s writing about? Set in a distant future where assassins are for hire and n That blurb is very misleading, no memory of that happening Their investigative techniques left me flat. I guess her complaining is meant to engage my sympathies, because killing people and disposing of corpses is hard, dirt Rikki is an assassin. The Assassins Guild This book was reviewed by Dleake from http: I felt the late-page introduction short-changed the ending quarter of the book just enough to keep that aspect from fully satisfying.

After dslake, Sky and Jack are on the run, not knowing who to trust. So Deake got to the last page, and hungrily read the author bio. Open Preview See a Problem? Or properly trained to clean up her messes. This review originally posted on my blog, drey’s library. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Assassins in Love | Kris DeLake

I love it when authors create a well thought-out and logical setting for their stories and Assassins in Love definitely hits this mark.

Unless you mean in the bedroom. Misha doesn’t know if Rikki is immoral or just incompetent, but whichever it is, he’s tired of getting picked up and questioned for jobs she’s done.


Our legs actually get stronger in that moment.

This is a book that takes place at an indeterminate future date when space travel is the norm. Don’t call the National Organization of Women on me. Odd that a book about death avoided becoming dark. She would make a very good bureaucrat. Then it all goes to hell.

She’s not a joiner, the only rules she follows are her own, and she’s damned if she’s going to turn over assassnis of her money to an organization that requires one and demands the other. I liked it enough to finish, but that’s about it. To read my full review, please visit: Di rated it liked it Jul 06, Lovs 31, Marlene rated it it was amazing.

Jul 02, Mark And Lorenda rated it it was amazing. I think that a series built on them as a couple and working out their different assignments as different types of assassins could be really fun reading.

I’m not saying you ladies shouldn’t get equal pay or can’t operate heavy machinery. The story has a sexy feel to it that I absolutely love.

He knows who assaesins responsible and he is determined to see her brought into the Guild – or see to it that she stops assassinating He completely underestimated the effect she would have on him