How do I run Cadence’s Assura DRC from within AWR’s Design Environment ( AWRDE)? If the command errors or times out, the PC is not connected to the Linux. assura drc rule – Assura Rule deck file – ASSURA to PVS conversion – Assura DRC If necessary, read the assura Physical Verification Command Reference!. I use Assura RCX and need to get extraction output in Spectre fornat but generated See the Assura Command Reference & and User Guide.

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However, assura can not be started. Other courses associated with design and analysis are available. The referende created by RCX uses the signal names from the schematic or layout for simulation.

The path terminates at MOS gates or global nets and can be manually limited by specifying net names with the Fixed Nets File? Run Details — Displays run-related information run directory, log file, etc. This is the most? This is known sssura two-dimensional extraction 2D.

The default location is C: Does anyone know what the Run RCX to extract parasitic devices and include them during netlisting and simulation.

In my RSF are included the following two commands: To determine whether or not you have this feature, perform the following steps from within the AWRDE: Run capgen to simulate variations of your process.

C Cm2l3 avS vdd! The browser displays a course description and gives you an opportunity to adsura. Point your web browser to cadence.


If extract and optionally LVS has been completed on a design and the run is not currently open, you must open it using Assura — Open Run. All self-capacitances are excluded automatically during decoupled extraction modes. You refeeence the section with enddeposition. Assuea may be excluded by instance name, listed in a file with the Filtering tab. When overlap and sidewall capacitors form between shapes, each capacitor affects the others.

This form creates a control file called techRuleSets located in the technology directory: Region Limit and Max num of Signals are optimized values and should not be changed.

Sidewall capacitance is formed between the edge of a conductor and another conductor above or below it, or an edge coincident to it. The reason to use the Ladder Network option is to enable the addition of L2 and R2 so you can more accurately model high frequencies. You set up the environment with the simulation environment window. Lab How to run capgen to control the output of parasitic netlists.

Running Assura DRC from AWRDE – Help – AWR Knowledgebase

The conductor layers are divided into segments determined by the fracture method you choose. The number of parasitic inductance elements created by PEEC mode can be large.

Default value is 2. Scaling allows independence between process file and physical design.

Lab How to control netlist output. In addition, if using ssh, the path to putty. All parasitic resistors extracted the number of which is set by Max Fracture must individually have a greater rederence value extracted than MinR or they will be discarded. Parasitic R and C values will still be extracted for the entire design. All reference manuals are supplied as part of the software installation.


You then create the mask layout for the design. Both parasitic self-inductors and mutual inductors are masked by -lextract. You can include model names for commanr, include them commented out, or exclude them entirely.

You do not add sources or loads in this schematic. Parasitic extraction with Assura Reply 3 – Oct 28 th, 2: You can use the schematic view to probe nodes in the final parasitic netlist.

Assura Drc Rule

Error in Assura DRC: You specify either length or squares. It must contain only those elements that will correspond directly to elements in the design layout.

RCX cannot extract poly fringe capacitance to diffusion. Parasitic extraction with Assura Reply 4 – Oct 31 st, However, finger capacitors have no overlapping areas and their designed capacitance is extracted by their fringing. To avoid naming collisions, this name must not appear in either the extract.

Exclude Self Capacitance — Used during coupled asskra modes only. These components represent parasitic devices that anticipate actual parasitic effects which are placed in the schematic but ignored during LVS.