ASTM F formally recognizes the use of in situ probes as a means of conducting relative humidity testing. In fact, ASTM F represents a fundamental. ASTM F ASTM F RH (Relative Humidity). Testing Protocol: ASTM Abstract: Significance and Use. Moisture permeating from concrete floor slabs. Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Using in situ Probes. Apparatus – Humidity Probe and Digital Meter Accuracy ± %.

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As far back as the s, laboratories at the Portland Cement Association conducted controlled tests that verified the accuracy of RH testing.

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10 Guidelines for ASTM F2170 Preparation and Testing

Other methods typically involve taking measurements only at the surface of the slab. There is a potential for condensation to appear on the sensor during the test period, due to the high relative humidity within the concrete until the concrete has sufficiently dried.

And moisture can still be an issue at grade so concrete foundations must be designed to include proper moisture drainage. The In-Situ Method In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement.

Public Knowledge Base

A moisture map of the entire floor can be built up, showing how wet the slab is and where the wettest locations are. This process asrm time and quantifiable concrete moisture measurements to verify. The total area of the slab and the number of test holes must be recorded on your report.


January 9, at Now instead of putting things on hold for three full days while waiting for test results, contractors and flooring installers can take action in a day and be in full compliance with the F standard.

In part, the idea was to assess if it is actually necessary to wait the full 72 hours for an d2170, actionable moisture readings. After these scientifically-validated specifications were firmly established, ASTM International published a usable standard.

While any professional must understand the exact requirements of standard F the most recent versionthe following are 10 guidelines to help ensure that you have met the criteria laid out in ASTM F In practice, readings are often taken before the 72 hours has passed, so contractors have an idea of how things are trending.

And installers are finding results are more accurate and more dependable with RH testing.

When To Test Concrete To ASTM F2170?

If not, call their technical team and ask the questions. Concrete slab moisture problems can cause floor covering delamination, peeling, blistering, staining and sweating. I hope this helps. We use cookies for shopping cart functionality, to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. For most RH testing systems, this includes cleaning any debris out of the test hole and inserting the necessary liner in the hole.

  ASTM D7249 PDF

Can you please let me know your recommendation on this? The only thing we recommend is that you ensure that there is a good seal between the sensor body and the concrete wall. F21770 email address will not be published. At this stage, the probes can be removed and the sleeves capped until further testing is required before mitigation can be carried out.

April 7, at 3: Events News Technical Articles. ASTM F is an excellent test for determining the actual c2170 condition of a slab. Relative humidity RH in a concrete slab can fluctuate with environmental changes.

June 8, at 1: The new probes are designed to give a good indication of high relative humidity after an hour of testing. For years now, the in situ relative humidity RH test for qstm the moisture condition of concrete astn been shown to be the most reliable, accurate test available. In that case, builders did not allow the slab sufficient time for concrete moisture levels to equilibrate reach equilibrium moisture content according to relative humidity RH.

F requires three test holes for the first ft 2 and, at least, one additional hole for each additional ft 2.