So while on my journey I have come across Athlean Xero which When it comes to purchasing workout programs,you could always do what. The Athlean Xero program is the best bodyweight program that requires no equipment! Yes, you read that right! The program does not even. Okay, I just finished Xero and thought I would drop a few lines about it for those who haven’t tried it yet and are curious. Peter Cummings to ATHLEAN-X The great thing about these workouts is that they are so dynamic that you have to .

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Okay, I just finished Xero and thought I would drop a few lines about it for those who haven’t tried it yet and are curious. And for the diet claim, I haven’t seen him ever recommend eating as much as you want and getting a sixpack.


So I’m very excited for that 90 day trial. Compare to other AX programs.

Really the only time you sit still is if there is a long straight, and even then, that straight goes by pretty quick at over MPH. Submit a new text post. I was interested in doing this routine but my knees pop and hurt when I do squats, and I couldnt find a suitable replacement for them.

Athlean Xero Review

As such, the program was perfect for me. Quite the opposite actually.

Is this a suitable program for athlen beginner i. Do I get access to all the programs or just this one? A minimum level of strength is necessary. He recommends doing half rom bench, does shitty pullups, and he offers a lot of “alternative” exercises, which are pretty much all bullshit.


The revolution in bodyweight strength training has arrived! As I said, I am not looking to go to their extremes, but that what my goals are. One of our most popular and brutal training phases has set it sites on your core. This program taught me an important lesson. Xero Xtended shows arhlean how to turn your house, dorm, or apartment into a full service gym creating unlimited workout combinations!

Owrkout you’re working on that, you can try bulgarian split squats, step ups and lunges. I know you are in shape dude but I don’t need to be staring as your Adonis belt on a video about knee exercises. Only a couple of them have been weird fun variations on others.

Here is just a few of the workouts and challenges that await you! Xero dark thirteen We all have a dark side, and this workout is no different. The diet meals and plans, you don’t have to worry about counting calories or carbs or fats or any of that.

Want to add to the discussion? Instead, he asserts that bodyweight training does not mean inferior training. I can see you have never ridden a bike fast on track. Is this just a bunch of pushups and crunches?

Build muscle and burn fat with your own body! However, I have noticed he is out of his depth when it comes to talking about gymnastics.

Athlean Xeroworth it?? – Forums

There is no replacement for hard work, but at the same time I didn’t want to work just hard, but smart too and that’s where Athlean Xero really delivered what it has promised. Hi everyone, new here, so take it easy on me. I don’t have access to a gym, and honestly I have such a busy life right now I don’t have time to get to a gym right now This doesn’t excuse bad exro and bad exercise selection for his program.


It is wrkout easy to make a suspension trainer from some rope and PVC pipe or any other grip you can come up with. She says my chest looked more ‘cut’. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Athlean Xero is different from other programs in several ways. Get the entire program plus workkout bonus content for only. I think Jeff is a smart guy and a fantastic marketer.

Daryl Eagle – 25 Years Old. Being a student with an Exercise Science degree, going for my Masters degree in exercise phys – I could write up my own workout program, but I’d probably do the things that I want to do and not the things that I need to do.

Athlean Xero Review – Best Bodyweight Program | Gym Plus Fitness

How is it different from other programs? On the other hand, you will rarely find a bodyweight program like this. Especially since his background is working with high-level athletes, he isn’t going to be one to mess around with risky exercises. I think people should give Jeff a chance.