Il ricevitore Sangean ATSX presenta le seguenti caratteristiche: o Ricezione in banda Pulsanti Tuning Up/Down – Manual Tuning/Auto Tuning/page. View and Download SANGEAN ATSX service manual online. FM / MW / LW / SW PLL SYNTHESIZED RECEIVER SANGEAN ATSX. ATSX. View and Download Sangean ATSX user manual online. ATSX Portable Radio pdf manual download.

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Adjust the volume control on the radio as needed. To receive SSB stations: I’ve watched the quality of consumer shortwave radios gradually decline over the years, along with the decline in mnaual interest in shortwave reception, so I didn’t expect much, especially given the low price.


One, I think it’s a terrific radio. The present state atts-909x show at the upper right — either a bell symbol alarm or a musical note radio. When connected, the batteries within the radio will be automatically disconnected.

To toggle between an alarm sound and a radio alarm, press the SSB key. In my ham shack I tuned in some relatively weak amateur stations for comparison, with my hamshack receivers attached to large antennas and tuners, and the Sangean using its whip ats-90×9 and an attached power pack, and I was able to copy weaker stations on both radios simultaneously.

Each 9 presets compromise 1 page. To me, the perfect shortwave radio doesn’t exist, but that isn’t to say it cannot mannual. Button Band Frequency Range Wavelength Power Supply When selecting a page of memory the ATSX will scan and select the memory preset for the strongest station.


This is written purely as a technically skilled purchaser. I see this as one of the few negatives in this radio — a frequent tuner is eventually going to wear this device out through simple friction.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. I have no connection with Sangean or any vendor of the radio. This time I decided to actually buy an ATSX, atx-909x it was reasonably priced, many people had good things to say about it online, and my prior portable radio a crappy Radio Shack model: Second, I always have trouble with alarm setting on portable radios — for some reason, I always find the method counterintuitive and hard to remember.

Now tune the radio to the desired frequency and mode for ags-909x radio alarm. I’m not saying the sensitivity criticism is without merit, but so far I haven’t seen any support for it. Important safety instructions 1. Decades ago it was easier for a manufacturer to find a market for a shortware radio simply because there was more interesting content on the air.

The reasons for this gap are easy to guess — people don’t listen to shortwave radio very much any more, some of that need is being filled by the Internet and smartphones, American kids don’t learn to build things any more, so they’re less likely to put together a ham shack or even a formal shortwave receiving station with an outside antenna. I recently decided to shop for a portable radio, something I do from time to time, often more to see what’s available than to actually buy one.

I think the company that built this radio manuual a pretty good sense of its audience, and I think they’ve met most people’s expectations — they’ve certainly exceeded mine. When I see a freely rotating dial on a modern electronic device, I assume it’s an optical encoder. As delivered, there is a spring enclosed within the radio’s dial tuning device that produces some resistance to movement — the tuning dial jumps from one position to another a few degrees away.


After several days with this radio, I’m still impressed, perhaps even more ats-99x.

Sangean ATS-909X w (R1) User Manual

Manuxl of 40 Go. The Snooze function is indicated with an icon in the display. As the Internet has evolved away from being a discussion forum and technical resource and gradually turned into a marketplace, to me at least it has become somewhat boring.

Page 39 Specification Power Requirements Batteries: But this isn’t to say there’s no interesting shortwave radio content — there’s plenty, you just have to be patient and know when and where to listen. It’s true once again for the ATSX, and this note is as much for me as it is for you, dear reader. Page 35 Line-out and a timer activation Standby out to control external recorder. The alarm functions may be set with the power on or off.


Slide battery cover back into place in direction of arrow until case snaps into place. This associates the radio frequency and mode with the timer. Don’t have an account? Sangean electronics operating instructions radio atsp 14 pages.