, 13, ATTANSIC, -. Kring Electronics Co., Ltd. , -, Attansic, sop8. 63, 0, ATTANSIC, -. Rantle East Electronic. , -, ATTANSIC, SOP. 年12月11日 ATTP1_ – Technology Corporation ATTP1 Over Temperature Please contact Attansic Technology Corp. for the latest documents. Attansic. ATTP1. Tel:. MFG:. ATTANSIC. Picture. D/C:. 09+. QTY:. Packaging:. SOP8L. Package:. Note:. 原装正品. Support. No“ATTP1”Picture.

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ATTP1 Attansic CPU thermal protection controller chip SOP8

As for the other, yes you should solder pin 4 of the Attansic back down to the mobo. Anything else is nearly impossible.

As for the northbridge, does it have a thermal diode? These pins are VERY delicate! I believe the AN7 has a thermal probe under the north bridge. That’s all there is attqnsic it. Soldering on these quad flat packs is a real PITA! Well, I’ve solved that problem. However, because of the way the mod is done, the odds of messing it up in such a way that you dissable the OTP function are pretty low. It’s already in the right place. A fine tip soldering iron attanic definitely a must.

This is the top right pin on the Attansic chip, when viewed with the mobo oriented as described above. Apply a dollop of gel type atfp1 glue or some other fastening agent to each of your jumpers to near pin 97 and pin to keep them from flexing too much and breaking the pins off the chip.



Find pin 61 of the Winbond chip. I’ve got pretty steady hands and it took me three tries to get the jumper soldered correctly without bridging solder to the other pins. I find that the edge of a single-edge razor blade works rather well for helping lift this pin while I apply heat with the soldering iron.

I’ve personally verified this a few times myself, so I know it works. This is the analog voltage input. I’ve been looking for developer’s docs for the NF2 chipset and haven’t been able to find any. Solder attansiv pin 61 first, then pin Attansoc this mod works pretty well, it has one glaring drawback, which I mentioned in the previous post: So what is the solution? I use to type in short sentence. You will find that it is easiest to aattansic the jumper on the diagonal under the CPU socket between the pins.

Run a jumper from pin 61 of the Winbond chip to pin This is the 5vsb input. Also note that, because you are now monitoring the thermal diode directly, the attl1 in the socket is now rather pointless.

If you have previously modded your mobo to read the thermal diode, you MAY find that your temps are degrees higher than they used to be.


I didn’t think it did. You don’t need to move the jumper though. The time now is Find pin of the Winbond chip. Tie the analog voltage supply for the Winbond chip to the 5vsb rail instead of the 5v rail.

In my case, I actually took a chance with my CPU to try it out. It is the 4th pin from the top right corner of the chip going down the right side of the chip, when viewed as described above.

Attansic ATTP1 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

As a result, when you tie the Temp 3 input to the thermal diode while the Attansic chip is hooked up, it causes the Attansic chip to think that the CPU has exceeded safe temp limits. Our members offer you their FAQs!

When the PSU is shutdown or in standby, this rail is dead, and all of the items connected to the monitor inputs are no longer in a high impedance state. You should thread the jumper first, then solder to the Attansic chip, then finally solder to the Winbond chip.

It didn’t change my temp readings at all, but it is theoretically possible for there to be a slight change in the reading.