ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . STANDARDATV-DVWK-A EDimensioning of This ATV Standard has been elaborated by the ATV-DVWK Specialist Committees KA 5 and. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition /

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With regard to nitrogen removal, the process is equivalent to the pre-anoxic zone denitrification process. Return sludge ratios RS for the transition between mainly horizontal and mainly vertical flow tanks can be taken from Table The trials plants for this are to be es- comp. It serves as a means to balance out unavoidable influences from wind, differences of density or uneven surface feeding. Through such investigations the dimensioning is, as a rule, more correct and often costs can be saved.

Post on 131s 18 views. These thickening times are achieved only with correspondingly low sludge volume index values and a small return sludge ratio. The figures additionally mentioned in the text refer to the chapters of the manuals.

Rectangular tanks Vertical flow rectangular tanks are usually constructed as longitudinal tanks with flat bottoms.

ATV-DVWK-A E – Free Download PDF

Harro Bode, Essen Prof. The selection and dimensioning of aeration equipment is not dealt with in this standard. These thickening times are achieved only with correspondingly low sludge volume index values and a small return sludge ratio. They are flown transversely, whereby the even inlet distribution over the complete tank length takes on a special significance. With the assumption of an even distribution of the sludge mass over the surface of the secondary settling tank the height of the thickening and sludge removal zone results as: The submerged depth should be 20 cm.

The figures additionally mentioned in the text refer to the chapters of the manuals. Both denitrification tanks and nitrification tanks can be formed as cascades.

On the other hand, with rotating biological contactors, the disks or rollers up to a half submerged in a wastewater trough, are rotated about their longitudinal axis using en- ergy. Tests are in any case recommended, comp. A prerequisite for the secure function of the plant, planned in accordance with this standard, is that sufficiently qualified, trained and permanently technically supported operating personnel are employed and involved in the planning process, comp.

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With the load the settling tank. Andrea Deininger, Weyarn Dr. For the design of secondary settling tanks the following are to be determined: In the cases mentioned above the actual oxygen transfer rate of fine bubble diffused air systems may be smaller than as taken for dimensioning. The lowest oxygen consumption is to be seen at the weekend at which often, in addition, the N: If the given values are not met then the calculation is to be repeated with modified For the dimensioning of mineral filled trickling filters height or modified recirculation ratio.

High oxygen contents at the end of the nitrification phase prejudice the denitrification. The wastewater is apportioned and fed respectively to the denitrification tanks. With aeration facilities it is normal to tender with the oxygen transfer in clean water. Therefore, high requirements have to be placed on the users of simulation models which refer not only to model knowledge, but rather also the selection of type of load and the characteristics of the process.


The duration of a phase can be timer controlled or by automatic control, for example according to the nitrate content, the ammonium content, the break in the redox potential or the oxygen uptake rate. Dynamic simulation today is already frequently used to check the operating behaviour of statically dimensioned activated sludge plants. With the dimensioning of secondary settling tanks the permitted maximum value does not necessarily have to be selected for the sludge volume loading rate qSV.

A model can describe sufficiently only those questions which are taken into account with the formation of the model.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

Thus even compounds which are difficult to degrade can be eliminated with little loading. The degree of the biological phosphorus removal depends, other than on the contact time, to a large extent on the ratio of the concentration of readily biodegradable organic matter to the concentration of phosphorus. Which special tasks can be elaborated with the aid of simulation depends significantly on the basic models. The higher value of OUh is relevant.


For the inexperienced user there is thus a danger that he considers only very simply the question to be processed. Intermediate values are to be interpolated. Anaerobic mixing tanks for biological phosphorus removal are to be dimensioned for a minimum contact time of 0.

For ratios lying between the two, the permitted sludge volume loading rate can be interpolated linearly. If, during the year, at times of higher English]: Guidance values for the design of sludge scrapers can be taken from Table The settling process in the secondary settling tank is influenced by the flocculation process in the inlet zone, the hydraulic conditions in the secondary settling tank design of the inlet and outlet, density currents the return sludge ratio and the sludge removal procedure.

With the employment of a [effluent requirement for inorganic nitrogen suitable filler material plastichowever, in principle SinorgN,MV ].

The dimensioning parameters can be laid down on the basis of scientific model concepts and supported by experience or, in part, can be derived from experiments carried out on site. With normal inflow conditions fC and fN can be taken from Table 8. Georg Mehlhart, Darmstadt 13e.

In anaerobic or anoxic mixing tanks the mixing is ensured by the mixing facilities. Deutsche Vereinigung fr Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und 131r e. It is pointed out that methanol is only suitable for a long-term application as special denitrificants have to be grown.

Recommended thickening time in dependence on the degree of wastewater treatment Type of wastewater treatment Thickening time tTh in h Activated sludge plants without nitrification 1.