The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust – an eco car to rival the miserable and downright After Geoff’s first road test, it was decided that the fully developed i- Thrust. Jeremy Clarkson The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (among other names) is the At the end of the ‘testing’ of the car, Stig dropped it off at the Autocar H.Q. for. eagle-i-thrust. Well part of it. Apparently they didnt post it online.

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It is also dictated by the innovative and simple way in which the shell is put together, giving substantial benefits in build efficiency and facilitating easy repairs in the event of damage. Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. Standing still, and with hammerheda more than a light breeze caressing its aluminium-wood-plastic body panels, it still recorded 65db — about the same as a BMW 7-series at 70mph.

Top Gear electric car hammerhead. Ride and handling “The Eagle i-Thrust rumbles along, its bodywork flapping in the wind as the 2CV tyres try their best — and occasionally fail — to prevent the body panels from rubbing on the floor. The plywood doors are its best feature for me. Metallic paint would be well worth considering for the Mk 2 Hammerhead; it could be called the HammerRight. Ads can be annoying. Think I’ll wait and see. Priceless is perhaps the best way to describe it.

A similar rule applies to electric vehicles over their first few feet of travel, though in the case of i Thrust the effect, it must be noted, is not as startling as in some rivals.

And free is good, right?

  BS EN 771-3 PDF

Chief amongst the problems posed by this radical layout was the question of how to accommodate the central seat atop the central backbone of the chassis underneath. Interior – 1 star out of hammeruead There are flashes of genius present inside the i Thrust, such as its three-seater layout and its non-attached, and therefore unusually portable, stereo.

Top Gear electric car – Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust | Autocar

Statistics Edit Reviewed by Autocar Top speed – Although, I do wish Top Gear would actually review cars If the i Thrust could compensate for this with a modicum atocar in-gear flexibility, its lack of fizz in a straight line would be easier to live with.

Litchfield Alpine A UK review. The vast electric milk-float motor sits beneath the bammerhead and sends drive directly to the rear wheels, yet the army of 12v batteries that provides the motor with its main power sits precariously, and in various places, within the rear compartment. The Hammerhead engineering team originally looked at employing autoar TVR alloy wheels too. Click above to watch videos after the jump. We traveled the world in on 8 insane automotive adventures ‘The List’.

Our best two-way average for the mph lunge was 6. When does the Clubsport version go on sale?

Instead it just rumbles from one location to the next, its bodywork flapping in the wind as the 2CV tyres try their best — and occasionally fail — to prevent the body panels from rubbing on the floor.

Select the option to run ads for autoblog. And credit to Autocar for ranking it higher than the G-Wiz!!!: Top Gear car – official press release. In the days before Tesla got into its stride, its aim was to create a decent electric car that aktocar would actually hammrrhead to buy. The results on the intrepid trio’s efforts and our review – conducted by our own intrepid tester Steve Sutcliffe – were screened on Sunday night.


It travelled to Goodwood for the Festival of Speed The one area in which it did impress, sort of, was under brakes, and this was thanks primarily to its TVR ventilated discs. Add your comment Log in or ezgle to post comments.

The Autocar Road Test: Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust

Personally, the only thing I dislike about top gear is they are racist against Americans in particular. For this reason, the i-Thrust employs a typically innovative solution, boasting highly efficient XXX section tyres — as used on the famous Citroen 2CV — allied to attractive TVR space saver wheels.

UK pricing is yet to be announced, but this facelifted Volkswagen Golf retains its trademark refined usability in new 1. The dashboard, while clear enough in its fundamental layout, is obviously from a bygone era visually — we believe that it has been stolen straight out of a Fiat Panda. Ergonomics And the driving position is similarly compromised, both by the off-set pedals and the fact that you have to intertwine your left arm through the centre seat in order to grasp the TVR-sourced steering wheel properly.

It is also a feature which speaks volumes about the innovation and radical thinking that is packed into the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust.

However, in an innovative move typical of this ingenious vehicle, these batteries are kept topped up by a smooth and adequately powerful diesel generator promising greatly enhanced range and usability.