The AX/TF Series of long range photoelectric detectors with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid. The Optex AXTF is an outdoor 4-channel select dual beam photoelectric detector featuring a detection range and a form C relay output. Searching for a low cost Photoelectric Detector solution? The Optex AXTF is a great Photoelectric Detector within our Photoelectric Detectors product line at.

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Optex, BC-1 BACK COVER, Back Cover for AXTF/AXTF Housing Brackets

Clipsal is a registered trademark of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd. Used when stacking beams or for long range applications. There are reflective objects within 3 feets of beams path. The environmental compensation circuit is designed to eliminate false alarms caused by snow, fog, heavy rain, ice and misalignment. A new version of this is now available. In order to get the most out of this instrument for many years to come, please take the.

The AXTF long range photoelectric detectors with selectable beam frequencies. Monitor the beam strength Monitor Jack while adjusting beam to insure stable alignment. Wireless transmitters are required to 650tg alarm outputs to the control panel: Also the AX-TF Series employs multiple beam technology and utilizes an AND circuit that requires all beams to be interrupted simultaneously before an alarm is generated. Section – Wiring. The total weight both Transmitter and Receiver shall be Does the relay open 650tc power is removed?


You have no items in your shopping cart. Retain this Owner s Manual for future reference. They can be tower, pole or wall-mounted. Please read this guide carefully to ensure safe and efficient. Are the beams mounted on a stable footing 650tr little movement of the mounting structure? Steep slopes can cause negative effects on the catch performance feature.

Sx Safe Use 650td the Product Read this instruction manual carefully prior to installation.

Always read and follow the manufacturer s instructions for the equipment. General 1 Detection range and installation height. Do not use the product to activate a shutter, etc.

Long Range Photo Beam

Re-align the beams Refer to the Beam Alignment Procedure. Being only a part of a complete system, we cannot accept resposibility for any damages or other consequences resulting from an intrusion.

This 560tf shall allow beam passage even when the cover is completely frosted over. Quad and Twin Photobeam Detectors. Optical, compatible control panel required. Re-program the Zone’s Loop Response Time” appropriately. Replace or repair as necessary The control panel may be malfunctioning, call the control panel manufacturer. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality wx this website. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


Unpacking In the box with the B housing you will find a small plastic bag containing: After the final adjustment are made on the upper mirrors carefully without moving morror remove “Beam Blocking Tool” from the lower mirrors and place them on the upper mirrors of both the Transmitter and Receiver.

Beam transmitter 2 units battery life app.

Check the voltage using the monitor jack and make any fine adjustments the lower mirror. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Clean covers both inside and outside using a dry soft cloth or mild soap and water only.

Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions may result in serious. The junction box is universally compatible with More information.

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