The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda [Robert E. Svoboda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE HIDDEN SECRET OF AYURVEDA is an. Dr. Robert Svoboda. 14K likes. This is the official Facebook page for Dr. Robert Svoboda. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda is an American author and ayurvedic doctor who gives lectures and courses around the world, related to the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish.

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You can see where he is speaking next on the Schedule page. Top, by Sophie Howarth.

So you can easily have ayuveda situation when somebody is very much connected to the tradition but the rest of their life is a calamity. He often speaks on Ayurveda, Jyotish, Tantra and allied subjects in locales across the world. So, If you are not so fortunate as to have a person who is going to guide you personally, then you have svohoda do it the old tried and true way which is: After being ritually initiated into the Pokot tribe of northern Kenya as its first white member in June he moved to India, where he lived from andreceiving his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Ayurvedacharya from the University of Poona in For him he used Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, for ayyurveda I like very much Ayawaska, taken with some other things to alter the effect slightly.

And he is very interested in prana, and he is not interested in trying to show off, at least not any more.

As we know, we can divide the Hindu tradition in two parts: A lot of my friends asked me: But why were we born here? But it has to be a personalized thing, because the real soma you and I — as human beings, we are not going to locate. The point is you should be in the position to know what your personal dharma is. And then start to act on the basis of what they think, they posses.


So after being there for many, many years then it was easier for me to know exactly what parts of the tradition still exist, what kind of people had them and how to tap into those traditions. The really traditional way is to … because the job of ahamkara is to identify. There is going to be a slight preference for the one or the other.

Yes, there is black magic all over India; there is a black magic all over Malaysia. You talked in your lecture about the transmission of knowledge by media. As it has happened in my life, it started out happening this way before I understood what happened.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

Since he travels the world lecturing, consulting, teaching and writing. Svoboda has traveled extensively, spending three months per year on average in India. And I know other people who have done more than one and still find it useful. And all these things ayurveva collect together and say: But A sovboda years ago I forgot and ended up offering Her quite a bit of blood actually.

What would be the correct method of doing that?

In the case of Ramakrishna he deliberately on one or two occasions took some karmas from one of his disciples. And it is not always easy to know. Are you sure you are in the position to know that? You can also sign up to receive my monthly newsletterwhich will include info about my upcoming talks and other news in addition to a recent story from the blog. My favorite proverb is in Italian: It was only then that I decided it would be useful to try to express it in a way that was not the same as what I had been taught.

That is not so easy, and most people in the West have no clue, that that is necessary, because they have no clue of what that means.

Start with one thing, implement it into your own life, see what it does and before you start trying to think about teaching other people make sure that you are benefiting from whatever it is you are learning. Your Ayurvedic Constitution and the Aghora series, which discusses his experiences with his mentor during the years — If you have some shaman who is more interested in doing black magic, then that person can cause all kinds of troubles.


And also I have a question. In this process while you are replacing your personality with that personality, your personality may be resistant and it may say: In my Prakriti book I have a small description of Tarpana.

They were trying to follow a vegetarian diet, to study Ayurveda, sing bhajans and kirtan and so on. Tantra is all about deciding what you want to achieve and achieving it.

In the West the knowledge is something that is tangible, is material, roberg is something that can be transferred easily, can be bought and sold; or as in India real knowledge is something that is a living being — is a Vidya.

No, not at all. If you want to do that, if you want to extract the Prana from there, you have to invest many hours a day doing that.

They study for 6 months, for 3 months, for 2 years, they are picking up a little bit; they are not necessarily having it actually be integrated into themselves. But the fact is that the more you are connected to that world, the less interest you have in this world.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda | Drupal

What effect would this purification have on the Prana and on the Doshas? As we are seeing now in the West, this traditional Indian knowledge has become more and more popular.

So they are not going to let you find them.