Resources. Featured Creatures – Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry and University of Florida; Pest Fruit Flies. Citation: Walker, K. () Guava Fruit Fly (Bactrocera correcta) Updated on 10/ 21/ AM Available online: PaDIL. INTRODUCTION: Guava fruit fly, Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) (Tephritidae), has been captured in fruit fly detection traps in two locations during July-August

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Faunistic and some ecological studies on fruit flies Diptera: The fruit fly fauna Diptera: Title Line drawing of adult Caption Adult of B. New Species and records of Thailand Dacinae Dipt: Go to distribution map Biology and Ecology Top of page The pre-oviposition, cordecta and post-oviposition periods of B. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

Bactrocera correcta (06410587)

Orange and yellow coloured traps attracted more fruit flies, bactrkcera 4. Balkema Rotterdam Netherlands, However, effective biological control studies are required for controlling this pest.

An effort should be made to rear some larvae to adults in order to correctly associate larvae and adults and provide the basis for accurate specific identification. National Museum of Natural History collection, all identified by Hardy, show distinct interruption of the two facial bars.


Anacardium occidentale cashew nut. Jalaluddin SM, Sadakathulla S, Rake the soil and flood fields for 24 hours to kill the pupae. Symptoms Top of page Adult fruit flies damage the fruit where they lay correcga eggs causing blemishes and discoloration.

Traps placed at heights of between ca 1. Phytosanitary Measures Since B. Fruit Flies and their Control. Scutum with anterior supra-alar setae, prescutellar acrostichal setae, two scutellar setae, wing with a reduced pattern costal band reduced to an apical spot ; male with a pecten.

guava fruit fly (Bactrocera correcta)

Bactrocera correcta Bezzi Insecta: Fruit flies of economic significance: The effect of some phenols on the larval performance of the olive fruit fly, Docus Oleae Gmel. Weems HV Jr, Biological Control A few species of parasites and predators were effective in combating this pest in Thailand and India.

The whitish cross band on the second abdominal segment is less developed. The hind tibiae of the male are distinctly tuberculate before the end.


Picture Gallery – Bactrocera correcta-Photocredit Viwat Wornoayporn-IAEA

The fruit fly population was higher during June-September than in October-February. Udhibiti husishi wa inzi wa matunda kwa nyanya.

The puparium is a dark, shiny yellow. There have been rare detections of the pest in Florida but these events have initiated programmes leading to the eradication of the pest PPQ, Cubital cell faintly yellow and no cubital streak corrrcta.

Tephritide systematics of the Indian subcontinent. Wing of an adult guava fruit fly, Bactrocera correcta Bezzi.

Guava Fruit Fly

Anterior view of an adult guava corecta fly, Bactrocera correcta Bezzi. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Sterna of both sexes entirely yellow. Adults are attracted to open termitaria Bezzi, Repelling fruit flies by weaver ants in oranges.

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